5 Best Underarm Sweat Pads for Excessive Sweat (Plus, One Surefire Fix for Sweaty Pits)

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Have you ever considered using underarm sweat pads to prevent unwanted sweat marks and embarrassing sweat stains? 

There is nothing worse than stretching your arms after a long day at the office only to reveal two damp, dark circles of sweat forming right underneath your armpits. The dreaded pit stain. Who knows how long those circles have been there, or who has seen them?

There’s not much you can do in this situation besides head to the bathroom, dry out your shirt, and make sure to keep your arms down for the rest of the day. But what is most important is that you know how to prevent those mortifying stains from creeping up again.

These stains aren’t just something that can cause momentary embarrassment, they can be uncomfortable, lead to chafing and even ruin your clothes.

This is why many people have turned to underarm sweat pads as an alternative solution. As the name suggests, armpit sweat pads are small patches made from super-absorbent fabric like microfiber or cotton. They go right under your clothes, creating a barrier between your sweaty armpits and your favorite shirt.

There are a lot of underarm pads for sweat out there right now, each promising to be the final end to unsightly underarm stains. But, as with all products, not all sweat pads are created equal. The good news is, we’ve taken care of some of the searching and legwork for you and curated some of the best underarm sweat pads available right now. We searched for the best-selling products that not only have positive reviews, but innovative designs that will block sweat from impacting your clothes and your day.

Here are five underarm sweat pad options, along with one sweat-blocking alternative, that could stop embarrassing sweat marks and stains for good.

kleinerts premium underarm sweat pads

Best For Stopping Odor

$14 for 12 Pairs

These underarm sweat pads adhere directly to your clothes with their strong adhesive that provides secure placement to all fabrics, including silk. This means no pins, or straps to keep these pads in place all day.

Each highly-absorbent pad is made with a non-woven super absorbent top layer, while the back layer is both waterproof and noiseless—so they won’t be noticeable to others as you move about. This also ensures that even on the sweatiest days, your adhesive won’t come off with a little extra moisture.

These underarm pads for sweat also have an odor stopping technology in them that will ensure more than just your stains stay concealed.

What Customers are Saying…

Of course, one of the best ways to determine if these odor-stopping underarm shields are best for you is to take a look at some of the top positive and negative reviews.

Amazon User Jedi

5.0 out of 5 stars A life saver at the meetings

Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2016

Verified Purchase

I LOVE THESE, they really get the job done let me tell ya. I Sweat a lot from the pits and it’s really embarrassing, but not anymore, these things save my life and i have tried different things like that weird napkin thing that you wife on and it blocks the sweat, like a super antiperspirant. let me tell you. you are going to sweat no matter what, so whatever, just use this thing trust me it works like a charm. There are just enough in there to last 2 weeks-1 month i think, depending on what cloths you want to protect. i recommend buying many of these, not just one btw because you gonna need it. ok this is an unbiased review and i have no affiliation won’t the manufacturer.

Amazon User Lexi_i_con

1.0 out of 5 stars These look terrible once they are on the shirt

Reviewed in the United States on March 28, 2017

Verified Purchase

These look terrible once they are on the shirt. I was very hopeful that these were going to solve my problem when I wear t-shirts but it was very obvious that these were in my shirt. They were way too bulky and it looked odd from the outside. So, I decided I would instead use these on shirts made out of thicker material and give it a try. I attempted to use them for two other shirts and still, it was obvious they were there. I am very disappointed and it was a waste of money.

large disposable underarm sweat pads from canagrow

Best For Delicate Clothing

$8.41 for 6 Pairs

These lightweight disposable underarm sweat pads are designed to stick right on your clothes and stay there all day. With a stronger adhesive product on these pads, they won’t just stay put during the hustle and bustle of your day, but they will peel off without leaving any unwanted residue behind. This makes them a great option for protecting delicate clothing.

Made with microfiber materials, this highly absorbent pad is also very discrete and won’t cause excess bulk or discomfort while you wear them. While cotton underarm pads provide extra bulk for extra absorbent, this microfiber design is so slim that you won’t feel them as you go about your day, pit stain free!

Amazon User Manuel M.

5.0 out of 5 stars 100% effective!!

Reviewed in the United States on May 22, 2022

Size: 5.5×5 Inch (Pack of 80) Verified Purchase

I normally don’t give reviews but I couldn’t let this product go without one. These pads are amazing!! The work 100%. I wear a shirt on a hot day and could feel my underarms drenched, then I touched my shirt on the underarms area and boom!! Dry like a year old bone in the middle of the desert!

I definitely recommend these if you not only want to keep those embarrassing wet spots but to also make your shirts last longer by not letting those horrible deodorant stains appear.

Amazon User William Johnson

1.0 out of 5 stars Not pleased at all!

Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2022

Size: 5.5×5 Inch (Pack of 80) Verified Purchase

I have been sweating under my arm pits for no reason for years. I have been using paper towels under my arms to absorb the moisture, but they are rough. So I decided to try these pads, but they take time to get them in the right spot, and pads are hard like paper under your arms. After a few hours the adhesive starts to come off the shirt and starts sticking to my skin…hate it! I pretty much wasted my money on these, and do not recommend them!

canagrow underarm sweat pads

Best Value

$16.15 for 40 Pairs

 Not all underarms are the same, which is why different sized underarm sweat pads work better for different sized armpits. For those with larger underarms, a traditional sweat pad may not work as well to mop up all of that extra perspiration.

With these CANAGROW extra-large armpit pads you can enjoy a wider, large pad that covers more surface area and ensures beads of sweat aren’t sneaking through. Although they have a larger footprint, these sweat pads are still ultra-thin thanks to their microfiber construction.

Just stick them on to your favorite shirt, and these pads do the rest. Plus, these extra-large sweat pads are hypoallergenic, making them a great option for those with sensitive skin.

Amazon User: Eldiza S.

5.0 out of 5 stars Well worth it

Reviewed in the United States on July 29, 2022

Size: 5.5×5 Inch (Pack of 80)Verified Purchase

I love how these added to my self confidence. I can now wear colored and tight tops without having to worry about armpit stains. I do wish for better adhesion for future products. Will recommend these.

William Johnson

1.0 out of 5 stars Not pleased at all!

Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2022

Size: 5.5×5 Inch (Pack of 80) Verified Purchase

I have been sweating under my arm pits for no reason for years. I have been using paper towels under my arms to absorb the moisture, but they are rough. So I decided to try these pads, but they take time to get them in the right spot, and pads are hard like paper under your arms. After a few hours the adhesive starts to come off the shirt and starts sticking to my skin…hate it! I pretty much wasted my money on these, and do not recommend them!

reusable underarm sweat pads

Best For Protecting Your Clothing

$12.56 Per Pair

There are some situations where you just don’t want adhesive on your clothes. If you are looking for an underarm sweat pad solution that won’t stick to your clothing—then this strapped option from Runaty is a great solution to consider. These pads come with a strap that is easy to fix right on your arm, instead of your clothing.

This reusable design will help ensure that your pad goes right where you need it, and you don’t have to worry about adhesives wearing off or slipping off of your clothing. Just toss them in the wash and they are clean and ready for reuse.

These underarm pads absorb excess sweat and eliminate odor and are crafted from a breathable, skin-friendly material that will provide you with all day comfort.

Amazon User: Polla

5.0 out of 5 stars Great product

Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2021

Verified Purchase

It fits perfectly, it’s exactly what I wanted! Will be ordering more soon.

Amazon User Abby M

2.0 out of 5 stars Too small

Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2021

Verified Purchase

Unfortunately, I could not try on the product as it is too small and the shipping cost is not worth returning the item. However, from the looks of things the quality of the material looks poor and as if it is not going to last if worn. thank you.

5. DIY Underarm Sweat Pads

Unwanted sweat stains are a very embarrassing (and exasperating) issue for many men and women. Unwanted pit stains and sweat marks can be a very personal problem, and one that many people have been motivated to create their own do-it-yourself solutions to help keep sweat stains at bay.

If you prefer more of a DIY approach to blocking unwanted sweat, there are several at-home solutions that may work for you.

Use a Panty Liner 

If you don’t have a sweat pad handy, but still want a garment guard for armpit protection, try using a panty liner. Panty liners are designed to absorb liquid and cutting them in half creates the ideal size for use underneath the armpit. Panty liners also have adhesive on the back that is designed to adhere to delicate clothing, such as underwear, so you don’t have to worry about the pads moving during the day. 

Permanent Muslin Shields 

If you are looking for a more permanent solution for some of your favorite clothing pieces, then a permanent muslin shield can be a great way to make sure unwanted sweat stains don’t impact your clothing. Muslin can be found in most fabric stores.

Simply cut a small oval in the fabric and either sew or use a fabric adhesive such as StitchWitch to adhere that muslin to your clothing. The great thing about muslin is that it is thin yet absorbent, and you can layer more and more pieces of muslin to create a thicker and more absorbent shield when it comes to protecting clothing.  

Sock Shields

An old pair of athletic socks can be used to create underarm shields to absorb unwanted underarm sweat. This lightweight, movable and highly absorbent material works great at creating a barrier between your sweaty feet and your shoes and can work just as well in the underarm area. Some DIY-ers will cut thin ovals out of these socks and place them in the armpit crease. You can use “Hollywood” or double-sided tape to adhere the sock to clothing or with tighter clothing options, this thin material usually stays in place on its own.

Much like store-bought sweat shields, these at-home solutions can work to create an important barrier between clothing and your underarms. While these solutions won’t fix your sweating issue, they can fix the embarrassing signs of unwanted underarm sweat that appear throughout the day.

These are some of the top-selling underarm sweat pads out there right now, each with their own unique features and functions to help keep perspiration at bay.

Now that you’ve seen all the best underarm sweat pads, shields, and liners.  Are you ready for a real solution to embarrassing sweat marks?

Let me introduce you to a modern-day miracle; The SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipe.

sweatblock antiperspirant wipe
woman using sweatblock antiperspirant wipes

This little wipe actually stops sweat for up to 7 days per use.*

You dab it on your armpits at night, go to sleep, wash it off in the morning and throw on your favorite shirt.

It’s that simple.  Unlike underarm sweat pads, you’re not restricted to any style, fabric or color. 

When you use SweatBlock Wipes, you can wear whatever you want, without worry of sweat or stains.

The best part about SweatBlock antiperspirant wipes is that when you use them, you know you’ll stay dry all day long and for days at a time.

Yes, underarm pads for sweat can absorb some sweat temporarily, but the drawbacks are almost not worth the hassle. Here’s just a few:

– Like diapers, they require daily applications

– They can’t be used with sleeveless tops

– Sweat pads often move or shift during the day

– They don’t prevent sweat from happening. What happens when they fill up? (Think leaky diapers… eww)

– Sweat pads can be noticeable, thick and uncomfortable

If you’re tired of playing around with armpit diapers, bulky sweat shields, and ineffective underarm sweat pads, you need to try the SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipe.

best underarm sweat pads

Not convinced, here are a few reasons you should toss your underarm sweat pads and grab some of these fantastic sweat-blocking wipes today.

– 15,000+ 5-Star Reviews

– Lasting Sweat Protection (up to 7 days)

– Good for sweat. Great for excessive sweat & hyperhidrosis.

– No staining

– Absolute wardrobe freedom. Any color, any style, nothing is off the table.

– Doctor formulated, clinically tested

– Verified pure, safe ingredients

– Made in the USA

– 100-Day, Love it or it’s free Guarantee!

Check them out here. They’re hands down the best sweat-blockers, sweat-stoppers, and game-changers for people who sweat a lot.

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