Cringe-worthy Compliments You’ll Never Hear When You’ve Got Your SweatBlock

Today is National Compliment Day! Who doesn’t love a well timed, well-intentioned compliment?

But we’ve all had that moment when someone delivers a poorly timed, super cringy compliment.

It got us thinking. What kind of strange compliments have people received about their sweat, their smell and other bodily functions?

And what about all the awkward compliments you completely miss out on when you’re using SweatBlock?

Join us as we climb down the awkward sweaty compliment rabbit hole for a moment…

Here’s 5 Cringe Worthy Compliments You’ll Never Hear When You’re Armed with SweatBlock:

sweat tacos

"You make the BEST sweat tacos... I mean it!"

you smell like nachos

"You smell just like when my mom makes nachos... I like nachos!"

sweat patterns

"That sweat pattern on your back is truly a work of art. It's like a rorschach test - I'm seeing a happy little dolphin. What do you see?"

sweat marks the spot

"Hey, the sweat marks on your shirt look like a treasure map! 'X' marks the spot! Who knew sweating could be such an adventure?"

"Golly, you've sure got a slick handshake! What's your secret?"

Laugh more. Sweat Less. #DryHumor by SweatBlock

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