Carpe Antiperspirant Wipes vs SweatBlock Wipes : Which Sweat Wipes are Best?

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Carpe Antiperspirant Wipes vs SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes? Which sweat wipes are best and which antiperspirant is right for your sweat situation?

We’ve put together a feature-by-feature comparison to help you decide.

But First… the Elephant in The Room

Ok, let’s just address the elephant in the room from the start…

How can team SweatBlock provide an unbiased comparison of Carpe No Sweat Wipes vs SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes?

Here’s how we’re gonna do it…

First, we’ll focus solely on the simple facts. Things like…

  • Intended Use – Who is it for and what does it do?
  • Strength
  • Application – How and when to use?
  • Form Factor
  • Effectiveness – Does it work and how long does it last?
  • Guarantee– Is there a money-back guarantee?

In the second half of this comparison, we’ll put on our “Team SweatBlock” jersey and have a little more “fun” with the comparisons.

In the end, you should have a pretty good idea of which product is right for you.

So let’s dive in… Carpe Wipes vs SweatBlock Wipes:

1) Intended Use

What does each product do?

The most critical difference between SweatBlock and Carpe is how and what they are used for. Yes, they both help with unwanted sweat. But they are quite different in their purpose.

SweatBlock Wipes are designed to treat excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis. They are NOT for daily, casual sweat.

On the other hand…

Carpe On-the-Go Wipes are meant for cleaning skin (shower wipe) and have an added mild aluminum to reduce sweating in treated areas.

If you’re looking for a quick clean up after the gym with some mild sweat protection, Carpe wipes may work for you.

However, if you want some serious sweat protection, the SweatBlock wipe is the clear choice.

2) Strength (Active Ingredient)

The active ingredient will largely influence how strong a product is. An active ingredient is what makes any product deliver its desired outcome. For sweat control, it’s typically some form of Aluminum.

SweatBlock is a Clinical Strength Antiperspirant and uses Aluminum Chloride as its active. If you sweat excessively or have hyperhidrosis, Aluminum Chloride is stronger and more effective.

Most prescription strength antiperspirants use Aluminum Chloride as the active ingredient. Clinical tests have proven it to be more effective for excessive sweating.

Because Aluminum Chloride is stronger, it can cause skin irritation.

Carpe Wipes uses the active ingredient Aluminum Chlorohydrate.
If your sweating is mild-to-moderate, you may see a reduction of sweat with Aluminum Chlorohydrate.

Which active ingredient is better?
It depends on how much you sweat.

There’s an easy way to look at different types of aluminum used in these products and understand how strong the active ingredient is…

First it’s important to understand the following:

  • 1. The US Food and Drug Administration regulates antiperspirants.
  • 2. Antiperspirants are OTC (over the counter) drugs.
  • 3. As an OTC drug, the FDA sets limits for the amount of aluminum that can be in an antiperspirant formula.
  • 4. The stronger the aluminum type, the lower the total allowable percentage will be.

SweatBlock wipes uses a stronger aluminum called Aluminum Chloride. The FDA limit for Aluminum Chloride is 15% of an antiperspirant formula.

Carpe On-the-Go Wipes uses Aluminum Chlorohydrate. This aluminum is not as strong as Aluminum Chloride. Because it is not as strong, the FDA allows for a higher concentration in a formula.

At first glance, you might think 15% is stronger than 14%. But, paying attention to the maximum allowable percentage of the active used will give you a better indication.

3) Application / Usage

Carpe and SweatBlock wipes are both wipes. Don’t you just wipe them on? Most would assume as much. However, each product is only effective when used a certain way.

SweatBlock Wipes are recommended (and most effective) when applied at night.

This is because, for most people who sweat excessively, there is usually a lower production of sweat during the hours that one is sleeping.

This time of less sweat production allows the SweatBlock formula to be as effective as possible for cases of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis.

Carpe Sweat Wipes can be used after working out, while camping, or traveling — “on-the-go” as it were.

The stated use is not for night time application or excessive sweating.

4) Form Factor

Unlike most antiperspirants, SweatBlock and Carpe both come in the form of a presoaked wipe.

This allows for easy portability for travel.

It also allows for solid skin contact in needed body areas where a stick or roll-on would not be convenient.

5) Effectiveness

How well does each product control sweat?

SweatBlock Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes are proven to provide up to 7 days of effectiveness per use.

According to an ongoing customer study, perceived effectiveness (dryness) is about 6.4 days per use (individual results will vary based on body chemistry).

Based on the average effectiveness of 6.4 days per use, 1 Box of SweatBlock would provide approximately 8-10 weeks of sweat relief per box (10 count).

Carpe Antiperspirant Wipes make no claim to effectiveness duration.

Because the concentration of active ingredient is similar to other daily use deodorant/antiperspirant options, it is assumed to be for daily use.

The Carpe On-the-Go Wipes come in a box of 15. This means you will get 15 “on-the-go” cleanings/treatments.

6) Guarantee

Does each product come with a guarantee to back up claims and reduce risk for customers?

Both SweatBlock Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes and the Carpe Antiperspirant Wipes are backed my manufacturer satisfaction guarantees.

Carpe Wipes vs SweatBlock Wipes – It’s not “Apples-to-Apples”

Ok, it’s time to put the “Team SweatBlock” jersey on and give you our home-cooked opinions. (They might be home-cooked, but it doesn’t mean they’re wrong.)

The Carpe vs SweatBlock wipes debate is not an apples-to-apples comparison.

It would be like comparing a pickup truck with a sedan. They are meant for different things.

SweatBlock has made its name by helping people with excessive sweat or hyperhidrosis.

Our Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes are meant for nothing other than solving the excessive sweat and odor problem for days at a time — not each instance of post-workout sweat or cleaning-up after a hike.

SweatBlock wipes are not meant for cleaning and we highly recommend against any usage other than night time application.

In this case, SweatBlock is the pickup truck, meant to do the heavy lifting in the battle against profuse sweating.

Carpe Wipes are the sedan, if you will. Convenient for on-the-go deodorizing and daily antiperspirant situations.


Best Antiperspirant for Excessive Sweating: SweatBlock

Best on-the-go shower wipe for mild sweating: Carpe

Honestly, no product on the market can solve every sweating issue. There is no silver bullet and anyone pitching that idea should be avoided.

At SweatBlock, we can help 7 out of 10 people who suffer from excessive sweating. Unfortunately, there are some people we just can’t help.

THAT is why we offer a no-strings-attached money-back guarantee. If you don’t love SweatBlock, it’s free.

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