10 Sweatiest Exercises – Guaranteed to Make You Sweat in 2018

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Swimsuit weather is upon us and all the late night snacking, holiday feasting, and festive binging is catching up. Our clothes are fitting tighter and we’ve suddenly developed a fear of mirrors and reflective surfaces. All this fretting soon turns to excessive sweating.

To help you turn that nervous sweat into butt-busting, fat-burning, feel amazing sweat — we’ve compiled a list of sweaty exercises that will have you dripping calories and sweat after just 30 minutes.

1. Bikram Yoga

Ah, the mother of all sweat inducing exercises, bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga, is unique in that instructors walk you through all of the normal postures; however, the room temperature ranges between 90 and 105 degrees with a humidity of about 40%. Burning about 350 calories per 30-minute session, hot yoga will make you sweat just thinking about it.

2. Tabata

This high-intensity Japanese exercise regimen is all about bang for your buck. Summarized as the four-minute workout, Tabata promotes short 20-second bursts of maximum exertion, separated by 10 second rests, for the span of just four minutes. It may sound easy enough but when you string together a series of well-executed Tabata sessions, you will surely shed some sweat as you burn between 800 and 950 calories in just 28 minutes!

3. Spin Class

Although taking a leisurely stroll on a bike can get the heart racing, a spin class is a whole new cycling experience with sweaty results. While stationary bikes can get monotonous, a spin class typically has intense instructors, lively music and fun visualization effects that make for a more interactive experience that will burn about 400–500 calories in a 40-minute session.

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4. Vinyasa Yoga

It may not be as extreme as hot yoga but vinyasa yoga, also known as flow yoga, is a dynamic form of the trendy exercise that almost appears to be a dance because each posture is “connected” to the other by a fluid motion – no resting intervals in between. Because of the never-rest mentality, perspiration is a common theme as the graceful movements can burn roughly 250 calories per half-hour.

5. Running – No Speed Walking! ????

Enough with the fancy forms of exercise – simply going for a run is enough to get the blood flowing and the sweat pouring. In fact, although everyone burns calories at a different rate, depending on weight and revolutions, it’s pretty typical to burn about 10 calories per minute in most standard cardio exercises such as running. To up the ante, if you’re looking to sweat more than normal, try running outdoors during a southern summer!

6. Kickboxing

Though most of the participants aren’t necessarily training for a title bout in The Octagon, Kickboxing has become a very popular activity for those looking to get in shape. This full body workout is jazzercise on steroids, as it requires balance, coordination and grit. In total, one can burn up to 440 calories and shed enough sweat to fill a small fishing pond.

7. Stair Climbing… Like a boss

If simply going for a run isn’t enough to make you drip, climbing on a stair-stepper is another of the more standard cardio exercises that will help you push the perspiration pace. Due to the elevation changes and the sensation of hiking as opposed to running, a 180-pound person can burn about 380 calories per half hour on the StairMaster.

8. Racquetball

If running in one direction for 30 minutes isn’t your idea of fun, try sprinting side to side, back and forth and diagonal in all directions. Yes, the fast-paced game of Racquetball is a highly interactive way to work up a major sweat and maybe even enjoy yourself while burning over 400 calories in 30 minutes.

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9. Step Aerobics

A popular cardio exercise that is preferred by women everywhere is step aerobics – a fun way to dance to music while firming your legs, hips and buns. Though it might just look like a dance party from a distance, this exercise will definitely make you “glow” as you can burn about 400 calories per 30 minutes of fame.

10. Boot Camp

It’s obvious, when you name a workout regimen after an extreme military moment that separates the men from the boys, you’re going to sweat buckets. Designed to promote weight loss, gained strength and increased endurance, Boot Campers should always bring a towel as they stand to shed 350 calories per half-hour session.

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