12 Bizarre Facts about Sweating

Sweating Facts You Won't Believe

It’s time to accept that sweating is just an everyday part of our lives. Humans sweat, animals sweat, and yes, even celebrities sweat. Here are just some fun tidbits about this sometimes unpleasant, and slightly embarrassing, human function.

1. Men sweat 40% MORE than women

Here’s a cool fact: Women actually have more sweat glands on average than men, but still sweat less. Sorry, guys, it’s the truth. In recent studies on sweating patterns, researchers have found that when their subjects were under stress from high temperatures or an intense work out, regardless of what kind of shape they were in or how much body fat they had, men almost always beat out women in the sweat category. Why the unfairness? Women are just better sweaters. In other words, female bodies can evaporate sweat more efficiently on their skin which cools down the body without a ton of perspiration, unlike men.

2. The normal human being sweats around 278 gallons EACH year

This is said to be enough to fill up the gas tank of three mid-size SUVs. Maybe sweat should be the next alternative fuel. Instead of having to pay hundreds of dollars a year to fill up your car, you could just sweat it out at the gym a few times a week. It’s just the stench you’d have to deal with.

3. An estimated 360 million people worldwide suffer from “extreme” sweating

Unfortunately, there are people who sweat excessively all the time and for absolutely no reason. This extreme sweat condition is called hyperhidrosis. People who suffer from hyperhidrosis often experience excessive underarm sweating, sweaty handshakes and other awkward sweating. This extreme sweat is notorious for sabotaging social life and causing depression in some.

3. In some Micronesian cultures, sweat is thought of as a WARRIORS ESSENCE

To drink such an essence, especially that of a fellow warrior, is considered a great honor. It’s a good thing America hasn’t picked up on this “great honor.”

4. Did you know that cows sweat through their noses?

It’s true. Dairy farmers often have to spray off their cows in order to cool them down in the summer. They say a comfortable cow is an economical cow.

5. Your feet have OVER 250,000 sweat glands.

That’s a lot. We have more sweat glands on our feet than on our backs. That nasty smell from your sweaty feet isn’t caused by sweat, at least not entirely. It’s the sweat loving bacteria that cause the unforgettable foot odor.

6. Hippo’s sweat blood

Did you know that Hippos sweat blood? At least that what’s the ancient greeks used to believe. But modern science reveals that this red, blood-like substance is actually just sweat. Not to be confused with ordinary sweat, Hippo sweat is infused with sun-blocking and bacteria killing powers.

7. Pigs can’t actually “Sweat like pigs” – Only us humans 😉

Pigs don’t sweat that well or that much. They have to bathe in mud to cool their bodies down. The saying is thought to have come from the way pigs actually smell, instead of how they sweat. I think it originated from that guy at the gym who literally showers his “essence” on the treadmill and walks away without wiping up. Can you be more “piggy”?

8. Horses have armpits that sweat like humans

No joke. Aside from humans, horses are one of the few other mammals that regulate their body temperature through sweat. Here’s another cool fact: A soap like protein called latherin is found in a horse’s sweat and helps spread the sweat over their coat to maximize the evaporation of water to cool them down. I’m just glad my body sweat doesn’t have a soap like consistency after I go to the gym…

9. Swedish scientist have created a delicious beverage machine that dispenses freshly secreted sweat… mmm.

The “sweat machine” works by sucking the moisture out of sweaty clothing and purifies it enough to drink. In case you aren’t sweaty enough to try out this fascinating machine, there is an exercise bike attached to get your sweat glands working. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

10. Humans can sweat blood

It’s a rare condition called Hematohidrosis. Hematidrosis is a condition in which capillary blood vessels that feed the sweat glands rupture, causing them to discharge blood, occurring under conditions of extreme physical or emotional stress. This condition is so rare, not many cases have been recorded. Leonardo Da Vinci described a soldier who sweated blood before battle. The phenomenon has also been observed in individuals condemned to execution, a case occurring during the London blitz, and in the case of a sailor, a storm coming.

11. Emotions can change the smell of your sweat

Emotions trigger changes in the chemical makeup of your sweat. In an Austrian study, participants wore pads to collect their sweat while watching scary films on the first day, and then neutral films the next day. A second group of volunteers smelled the pads and were able to recognize which pads were worn during the thriller. This fouler smelling sweat is also known as stress sweat. Some of the most putrid and profuse sweat comes from high emotion, high stress situations. Word of advice, don’t take your hot date to a scary movie without using a strong antiperspirant.

12. Vegetarians have better smelling sweat

This has to be one of the more important discoveries of the 21st century. I don’t know who thought of this study, but it did happen. Here’s how it all went down: Women judged the sweat smell of non-meat eating and carnivorous men. The results: These lucky females reported that the vegetarian men had more attractive smelling sweat.

Hence the saying… “mo’ veggies, mo’ ladies”

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