What Happens When You Wear Jeans And a T-Shirt Into a Sauna?

Well, it depends if you are wearing SweatBlock or not.

One of our newly converted customers (Mourad S.) wanted to see just how far he could push SweatBlock before it gave out on him. After running SweatBlock through the proverbial wringer and even sitting in a sauna, he wasn’t able to get SweatBlock to give out on him.

Here’s his exact statement:

“This is an amazing product. At first I didn’t think that it would work, yet after numerous tests of physical activity and even sitting in a sauna with a shirt and a pair of jeans on, it kept my under arms cool, and dry. I highly recommend this product. I am also considering investing into this product because of how well this works. This NEEDS to be seen and used Nation Wide, maybe even World Wide.”

We are always excited to hear about customers getting the results they are looking for. And, although SweatBlock was never intended to stop a fully clothed man from sweating in a sauna, we’re not surprised.

Thanks Mourad!

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