With the New Year in full swing, that means season 12 of American Idol is just a couple weeks away. Although we’ve seen some brilliant moments over the years, in anticipation of this new season, we’ve decided it would be fun to compile a list of some of the sweatiest moments in American Idol history.

1. Audition FAILS (Compilation)

It would be easy to construct a list, comprised only of awkward auditions from the past, however, we’re going to try and keep this list a bit more diversified. That said, to get the “expected” out of the way, right away, here’s one of the better compilations of some of the biggest auditions FAILS in American Idol history – moments that had judges and contestants alike, sweating bullets.

2. Mariah Carey vs. Nicki Minaj

Standing as the most recent sweaty moment in American Idol, who doesn’t remember the recent off-season feud between judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj? While some speculate that the entire “cat fight” was a publicity stunt to raise awareness for the new judges, as you can see in this video, the tempers and temperatures are clearly on the rise!

3. “Goodbye Houston…”

When 18-year-old Janathan Rey more closely resembled a dying animal than an American Idol contender, both Randy and Simon were ready to call it quits. Feeling disrespected, things got sweaty when Janathan approached Simon with no intention of shaking hands.

4. “It Wasn’t the Song…”

Here’s an instance where a contestant (Nicole) gets told “no” from the judges (due to lack of talent … not the song choice) and rather than graciously accept her fate, she employs her disabled mother to garner some sympathy. Of course, as usual, Simon will doesn’t back down and turns up the heat on the combative contestants.

5. Chris Sligh the Teletubby

Speaking of Simon refusing to back down, when Chris Sligh gave a marginal performance on season six, not only was Simon the only judge to disapprove of the attempt, but he created an awkwardly sweaty situation for all when he went below the belt, subtly likening the contestant to a Teletubby. Low blow Simon!

6. Double Dose of Sweat

While this is surely an awkward pair of auditions, the real sweat-inducing awkwardness happens outside of the judge’s gaze. Yep, based on the camaraderie in the hallways, it’s safe to say, the two dreamers in this video were truly a match (of poindexters) made in heaven.

7. Mary Roach, Delusionist

Self-described as a unique combo of “pop/rock, meets Broadway, meets Jazz and R&B,” Mary Roach makes for one of the most awkwardly sweaty auditions EVER. Unfortunately, for her, her “unique” brand of singing wasn’t the most awkward part of the audition – it’s the pure, across-the-board delusions of grandeur.

8. “Hot, Humid and Happening…”

Making his debut on the list (and as an American Idol judge), Steven Tyler left a lasting impression with one contestant’s father – and not in the good kind of way. Maybe it was edited to be worse than it was, however, according to this video, the famed rocker’s description of the man’s daughter made for a heated situation.

9. Paula to the Rescue

There’s a lot more to this sweaty situation than the title suggests. Yes, the sassy contestant boldly questions Simon’s sexual orientation, however, the really sweaty moment arises when Paula sticks up for Simon; giving the disrespectful contestant a verbal lashing in front of millions. Go Paula!

10. The Blind Audition

Last but not least, it’s about time we call out Ryan Seacrest for contributing to at least one sweaty moment along the Idol road. As we all know, there’s nothing more awkward than a missed high-five so, in this clip below, it’s all kinds of uncomfortable when Seacrest attempts an unannounced high-five with a blind contestant. Ouch!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of sweaty moments from American Idol’s past … if history is any guide; we’re in for another doozy in season 12. Enjoy!