Fashionista Tests SweatBlock

Cheryl Wischhover at Fashionista decided to see if SweatBlock really could stop sweat for up to a week. She provides a day-by-day log of what she did and how SweatBlock kept her dry. Here are some of our favorite excerpts from her article:

“Here’s what happened when I used Sweat Block for a week, through multiple hot subway rides, workouts and showers:

Evening of application: I completely disregarded the “Don’t shave within 24 hours of application” rule and promptly regretted that decision. I patted it under both arms without rubbing, and within a minute or two it started to sting and itch. After a few more minutes, it felt like a million fire ants were living in my armpits. It also smelled disconcertingly of bug spray, though the smell dissipated and was gone by morning.”

Ok, so if you haven’t yet given SweatBlock a try, it’s worth following the instructions and not applying within 24-hours of shaving. It will save you from the mistake the Cheryl mentions above.

And how about the smell? Well, we think “bug spray” is an odd comparison. SweatBlock has the distinct smell of cloves. So, if you think cloves smell like bug spray, then you might agree with Cheryl at Fashionista.

Cheryl continues:

“Day 1: Thankfully the itching and burning totally disappeared, though the area was a bit tender when I shaved in the shower that morning. I worked on my computer most of the morning, then I went for a three-mile run in the hot sun. While I could feel myself sweating elsewhere, my pits stayed dry. I took a shower then walked to and from my kids’ school to pick them up. Dry the whole day.

Day 2: I did an hourlong high intensity interval training class. My pits were sweat and stink-free during and after the class. I showered and ran errands on foot around NYC for the rest of the day. Dry!

Day 3: I went for a 2.5 mile run in the sun, then sat in the sun for an hour watching a soccer game. I felt mildly sticky but not swampy. (My bra was another story though. If only someone would come up with a solution for the dreaded “running bra boob sweat” phenomenon.) The Sweat Block’s FAQ addresses this, sort of. While it’s only formulated to be used under the arms, “many of our customers report success with SweatBlock elsewhere on the body such as head, neck, back, hands and feet.” I’m not brave enough to put it anywhere near my cleavage, though. Bottom line? Pits still dry.”

3 Days dry. It’s a good start. But, how about those other body parts? Well, we’ve heard from our customers that they have had success just about everywhere on their bodies…even breasts. Because of FDA rules and regulations, we don’t promote the product for other body parts, but if you have a particular sweating problem in a body area that is more extreme than normal, it’s worth discussing the usage of SweatBlock for that body area with your doctor. Many customers simply test a smaller skin area to see if irritation will occur. If not, they proceed to see if it will reduce the wetness.

Back to Cheryl at Fashionista:

“Day 4: I did a morning workout at Tone House after a sticky commute on the subway there and back. I was afraid that it was starting to fail, because there was a bit of stickiness intermittently throughout the day. After a shower, though, I was dry the rest of the day.

Day 5: I cleaned out my closet in my stuffy apartment and was definitely getting a bit sticky and ripe, though nowhere near my usual level of disgustingness. To prevent any sort of odor, I used a swipe of Soapwalla’s lovely natural deodorant cream for some freshness (it doesn’t contain any aluminum — I wanted to see this through for the whole seven days, but this was a small cheat).”

Still dry at 5 days, but feeling a bit ripe… Well, we actually recommend the use of a non-aluminum based deodorant while using SweatBlock to make sure you stay smelling pleasant. Cheryl called it a “small cheat”, we call it a good idea.

How about day 6 and 7?

“Day 6: I ran around to appointments, went to the office and took multiple trips on the subway. I showered twice this day (morning and evening), but was still mostly weirdly dry.

Day 7: I went to SoulCycle and after that decided it was time to reapply my Secret. But I think I could have stretched it out one more day.”

After 7 days, Cheryl was dry. Awesome! She finishes by saying she’s not ready to ditch her daily-use deodorant/antiperspirant for SweatBlock, but that she’ll definitely use it when she is on stage on an expert panel discussion for her upcoming conference. Some people sweat enough that they need SweatBlock to keep them confident through the normal daily routine. Some people use SweatBlock on stage, on camera, or when they are in the spotlight. Some people use it because it is literally the only thing that will help them eliminate the embarrassment of unsightly underarm sweating. All good reasons.

A big shout-out to Cheryl at Fashionista for a great review. You can read the entire article here. Good luck at your upcoming conference.