One of the most common questions that we get on is “can I use SweatBlock on other parts of my body other than the underarm?” Well, the truthful answer is that SweatBlock was developed for the underarm and we have not tested it for anything other than that. That being said, we have lots of faithful customers who write in to share their stories on how they have found success with SweatBlock in other regions of the body.

A customer recently related the following story about facial sweating due to hyperhidrosis and how she found SweatBlock to be extremely helpful.


“I live in Alabama and the summers get hot. I have often been heard to say, “I don’t perspire, I sweat – profusely.” I refused to let my children play summer sports because I did not want to go and sit with other moms and embarrass myself.

After several different doctors saying there was nothing I could do, one dermatologist suggested antiperspirant on my face. I couldn’t imagine, but I decided that it couldn’t be worse than what was already happening. I tried another product, and it turned into powdery clumps.

I began searching online and found SweatBlock. Football season was about to begin (in 106 degree temps) and I needed help fast. I ordered the double boxes.

I know the product is not recommended for your face, but I tried it anyway. IT WORKED! For the first time in 45 years, I was able to go out in the hot sun and be fine. Good friends, who knew my situation, even commented on how dry my face was. I love this product. It has given me something that no other product in the world has – a dry face. I have recommended you to every person I know who suffers like I did.”