Sweaty Armpits: Are you suffering?

You know all too well the hassle and embarrassment that comes with armpit sweat. When those armpit sweat glands start doing their thing, it means trouble… Sweat patches, odor, embarrassment, and covering up in baggy, dark colored clothing. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

People across the globe have turned to SweatBlock to help them stop sweating and start living. SweatBlock is a clinical strength antiperspirant that has thousands of people raving.

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Towelette allows easy application for underarms and other areas of the body.

“I can finally wear something besides black!! For the last 20 years my closet and drawers were all black or dark colors, or clothes i could layer to hide my underarm pools of sweat! Not an easy task especially when you work customer service and are around people all day! A single cup of coffee would make me sweat so bad that it looked like i had tears running down my arms. I have tried every deodorant, prescription, at home remedy i could find. I was shopping one day with my daughter (who is always embarrassed when we are in public and i have big sweat marks) and found SweatBlock, said why not i have tried everything else.. I was blown away with how i can now get dressed with out having to do it around my underarm sweat! Now I just need to be able to get some color back in my closet! Thank You!!”

– Katie, New York, USA

SweatBlock Benefits for Armpit Sweating

  • Feel Confident, Not Embarrassed

    No sweat.  No self-consciousness.

  • Wear any color

    Stop hiding in dark, baggy clothes

  • No yellowing or staining

    SweatBlock won’t ruin your shirts

  • Long Lasting

    Up to 7-days of sweat relief*

  • Simple

    Easy to apply – no chalky mess

  • Protects Against Irritation

    Formulated for comfortable use

Daily Sweat Relief for Less than the Cost of a Postage Stamp One box of SweatBlock provides up to 8-weeks* of sweat-stopping goodness. That means one sweat-free, confidence-filled day costs you less than the price of postage stamp. Try SweatBlock Now

Magic of SweatBlock: Secret Formula + Unique Application

The magic behind SweatBlock is the secret formula that brings together the best ingredients and mixes them just right to provide a synergy that not only keeps you dry, but does so for up to 7 days with one usage. The SweatBlock formula is soaked on to a non-woven cotton towelette that is used to dab (not rub) the SweatBlock within the hairline of the underarm right before bed time.

During the night when your sweat glands are less active, SweatBlock will form a block in your sweat glands that will last up to a week*. It will not wash off, it does not leave a film, and you won’t even know it’s there… except that your excessive sweating will be gone. In the morning you can shower, shave, and get on with your life – sweat free.

Tested on the Rachael Ray Show

No matter what you do or how long you’ve been dealing with excessive armpit sweating, SweatBlock can help.  SweatBlock safely and effectively treats excessive sweating. A firefighter tested SweatBlock hard for 6 weeks for the Rachael Ray Show*. Did it work? You’ll be amazed. Watch the video!

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