Sweating profusely can be an embarrassing, annoying and even painful problem. But thankfully, it’s not something you need to live with.

Below, you’ll see 4 simple steps on how to finally curb your excessive sweating – without a prescription medication, dangerous surgical operation or useless deodorants.

If you’re sweating profusely, then you know the embarrassment of constantly having wet arms, stained clothes and body odor. It’s frustrating – we get it. And you’re probably wondering: “Why is it happening? Why do I sweat more than others? Should I be worried? What can I do about it?”

Why Am I Sweating Profusely?

Sweating profusely, for no apparent reason, is a symptom of a medical condition known as Hyperhidrosis. More than 8 million people in the United States have the condition, for which there is no known cause.

But what is known about hyperhidrosis is that it can lead to serious anxiety problems for those that suffer from it. The initial problem starts as sweaty underarms – an embarrassing inconvenience at first, but then it snowballs into more severe stress and an overall reluctance to enter social situations.

This, in turn, can be detrimental to one’s social life, relationships and career, which is why it’s important to seek an effective hyperhidrosis treatment.

What if you don’t have hyperhidrosis?

Profuse sweating can also be caused by a variety of traditional triggers, such as heat, physical activity, stress, nervousness, fear and other emotions. If there seems to be an obvious reason for your sweating, then it’s probably not linked to a medical condition – you might simply perspire more than others because your sweat glands are more active.

Solution To Sweating Profusely – SweatBlock

SweatBlock is a top-rated antiperspirant solution that can reduce your excessive sweating for up to 7 days per use* (individual results may vary). It’s a proven solution for those who sweat excessively, including hyperhidrosis sufferers – in fact, it’s the #1 bestselling antiperspirant online with more than 1,200 5-star reviews from customers on Amazon.

Here’s how SweatBlock works in 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1) Clean and dry your underarms.
  • Step 2) Dab (not rub) a SweatBlock pre-soaked pad in your underarms right before going to bed.
  • Step 3) Let your underarms dry again (about 5 minutes).
  • Step 4) Go to bed. SweatBlock works best at night, forming a safe block in your sweat glands when they are less active.

Every time you apply SweatBlock, it can provide relief for up to 7 days.* (The average effectiveness is 6.3 days of dry per usage, based on an on-going customer survey.)

SweatBlock is an FDA-compliant antiperspirant that is trusted and recommended by top medical experts, including Dr. Keri Peterson, who is frequently featured in Women’s Health Magazine, on ABC, NBC, FOX and other media outlets. You may have also seen SweatBlock recently featured on The Rachael Ray Show, in which a firefighter from Connecticut did 6 weeks of testing to show that SweatBlock really worked.

If you’re ready to finally control your sweating, like so many others have, then it’s time to give SweatBlock a try.

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