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Sweaty armpits got you down? Tired of cheap deodorants and ineffective antiperspirants that do more staining and stinging than sweat stopping? Try something new... try SweatBlock antiperspirant wipes. Guaranteed to stop sweat and restore your confidence.

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SweatBlock Antiperspirant.
Up to 8-weeks of
confident dry for just…
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Do you suffer from excessive sweating? If so, you’re likely still hiding your secret by:

Wearing dark, baggy clothing… no matter the occasion
Stuffing paper towels inside your shirts to soak up the sweat
Awkwardly hugging to avoid soaking that special someone
Never waving, high-fiving or cheering on your favorite team
Keeping a portable fan handy to dry out after a long commute to the office
MEET LAURA. for years she struggled with the awkwardness of underarm sweating. After much searching she found an antiperspirant that she thought didn’t exist…

The SweatBlock towelette…
… your little secret.

Are you ready for a better antiperspirant… one that actually works? Dab on a SweatBlock towelette, and control excessive underarm sweating for up to 7 days. The 100% safe and soothing trade-secret formula – combined with the towelette – gives you results you can count on. So you can confidently raise your arms – anytime, anywhere, any climate.

Because drugstore antiperspirant wipes aren’t enough for serious armpit sweat.

Get up to 7 Days* of Dry High-Fives, Hugs and Hoorays.

* Consumer perception reports support the appearance of dryness for an average of 6.4 days per usage. Individual results may vary. View average effectiveness results here.

Now you can control your sweat and end embarrassment

Nearly one million Americans have discovered SweatBlock, the powerful antiperspirant towelette that controls sweat for up to 7 days per use.*

Sweaty Armpits + SweatBlock Wipes = Game Changer

The benefits of these unique sweat wipes are sometimes hard to quantify. One of our favorite responses from satisfied customers is “SweatBlock has changed my life” or even better… “SweatBlock is a game-changer” What does game changing mean? Well, here’s a few reasons some might condiser SweatBlock a true game-changer…

  • Restores Confidence

    Say goodbye to embarrassment.

  • Wear colors again

    No more dark, baggy clothing

  • No staining

    Won’t stain or yellow your shirts

  • Super strong

    Up to 7-days of sweat relief.

  • Simple to use

    Easy to apply – no chalky mess

  • Protects against irritation

    Formulated for comfortable use

"I have suffered with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) for over 18 years. In high school, I was always awkward and uncomfortable because the armpit areas of my shirt would feel like I had been swimming. Soaking wet and cold. This has continued throughout my life and I've tried many different products, including those high priced "clinical strength" deodorants that are supposedly designed for this condition. Nothing worked. I ordered SweatBlock on a whim, not really expecting much. And, wow, I was completely shocked! When I use this product, I do not sweat a drop...In fact, I don't even have to wear any deodorant. It's the most amazing thing ever and it has changed my life...especially in the extreme heat of summers in the south! I've been using the product for about 2 years and will continue to do so. I am very grateful for this product and it has saved a lot of my expensive clothes that would have otherwise been ruined by sweat stains."
JOHN | SweatBlock Customer

Tested on the Rachael Ray Show

No matter what you do or how long you’ve been dealing with excessive armpit sweating, SweatBlock can help. SweatBlock safely and effectively controls excessive sweating.

A firefighter tested SweatBlock hard for 6 weeks for the Rachael Ray Show*. Did it work? You’ll be amazed. Watch the video!

How to Use SweatBlock for Underarm Sweating

SweatBlock is a liquid antiperspirant formula, pre-soaked on a soft towelette. Once-a-week (or as needed) before bedtime, open one of the SweatBlock packets and press the towelette firmly within and around the hairline (do not rub). Allow your underarms to air dry (about 5 minutes), and then go to bed.

During the night when your sweat glands are less active, SweatBlock will form a block in your sweat glands that will last up to a week*. It will not wash off, it does not leave a film, and you won’t even know it’s there… except that your excessive sweating will be gone. In the morning you can shower, shave, and get on with your life – sweat free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my armpits sweat so much?

We all sweat. We perspire on hot days, during intense workouts and when delivering a high pressure sales presentation. Sweating is a normal and healthy body function that acts much like your air conditioning. When it's hot, you sweat. But if you find yourself sweating excessively, uncontrollably, and for no apparent reason, you may have a condition called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive sweating regarless of temperature, physical activity or a persons emotional state. Sitting on your couch or petting your cat may bring just as much sweat as running a marathon. This is not normal. If you experience excessive sweating for no reason, you should consult a doctor or consider using a strong clinical strength antiperspirant.

What's the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?

So you've got a sweating problem? All you need is a something to stop the sweat like a good deodorant, right? Not really. Deodorant has a purpose, but it's not for stopping sweat. Some mistakenly confuse deodorant and antiperspirant as the same or similar products that can treat severe sweating. What is the difference? Deodorant is really just a sweet smelling formulation that masks the smell of body odor, but does nothing to stop or reduce sweating. On the other hand, Antiperspirant is specifically designed to stop sweat by blocking your sweat glands and reducing the amount of perspiration your body produces.

Will SweatBlock work for excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis?

Yes. SweatBlock wipes are specifically formulated to reduce excessive undearm sweating. In some cases, just one application of SweatBlock can control embarrassing sweat for up to 7-days*. Customers from all over the world report life-changing results from the use of SweatBlock. SweatBlock also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

How does SweatBlock work?

SweatBlock is a clinical antiperspirant soaked on a soft towelette. Use SweatBlock once-a-week, or as needed, by firmly and thoroughly dabbing (do not rub) the towelette within each underarm hairline, right before going to bed. SweatBlock will not leave a film or a sticky residue. The next morning you can shower, shave, use a regular deodorant, and go about your day with confidence.

Is SweatBlock safe?

Yes, SweatBlock is safe. The SweatBlock formula follows all FDA guidelines for an OTC clinical antiperspirant. Also, SweatBlock is not applied every day which limits the body’s exposure to the antiperspirant ingredients. There has been no correlation between the use of antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride and the occurrence of breast cancer.

Will SweatBlock Wipes work for me?

According to an ongoing customer survey, SweatBlock lasts on average 6.5 days per use when applied correctly. However, everyone responds differently to SweatBlock. Some customers need to apply every few days and other customers need to apply every few weeks. Unfortunately SweatBlock does not work for everyone and that is why we offer our 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. On average, after about 6.5 days the block will fade away and you will begin to sweat again. When you feel like you are beginning to sweat again you can reapply SweatBlock for protection against sweat. Apply as needed.

FDA compliant and proven to work.

Or your money back

A safe and effective solution for excessive underarm sweating…
…with just an antiperspirant wipe.

One box includes 8 armpit wipes. A single sweat wipe can control sweat for up to 7 days.*

  • Safe to use with your favorite deodorant

  • FDA Compliant Formula

  • Made in the USA

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Less burning and itching than most clinical antiperspirants

Order 2+ Boxes and get FREE Shipping (US ONLY)

Active ingredient: 14% aluminum chloride. Other ingredients: Water, polyoxyethylenesorbitan monolaurate, polyethylene glycol 8000, eugenol, vitamin E oil, botanical extracts, 0.15% benzoic acid for preservative.

"I've been dealing with excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) since I was an adolescent and I've tried everything from prescription deodorants to all natural treatments to botox injections. Although the botox injections helped for 4-6mos, the cost was more than excessive & I wonder about the damage it does to the body. Sweat Block is the ONLY treatment I have found for a reasonable price that actually works! It's easy to use... and is very reasonably priced."
SAMANTHA | SweatBlock Customer

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