Sweat Shields for Serious Sweating?

When seeking a solution for super sweaty underarms, you won't get far with traditional underarm shields. The good news is that there is a safe + effective solution to stopping that sweat... Try SweatBlock antiperspirant today. Guaranteed to work, or your money back.

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SweatBlock Antiperspirant.
Up to 8-weeks of
confident dry for just…
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Tired of sweat shields that don't work? If you so, you may still be hiding your sweat problem by:

Never wearing light blue or light grey - black is best
Wearing a "sweat soaker" undershirt, and keeping a jacket or cardigan hand
Tucking tissues inside your shirt and trying not to move much
Hugging carefully to keep the dampness to yourself
Waving with your elbow at your side
MEET LAURA. for years she struggled with the awkwardness of underarm sweating. After much searching she found an antiperspirant that she thought didn’t exist…

The SweatBlock towelette…
… your little secret.

Dab on a SweatBlock towelette, and control excessive sweating for up to 7 days.* The 100% safe and soothing trade-secret formula – combined with the towelette – gives you results you can count on. So you can confidently raise your arms – anytime, anywhere, any climate.

Because drugstore armpit shields aren’t enough for serious armpit sweat.

Get up to 7 Days* of Dry High-Fives, Hugs and Hoorays.

* Consumer perception reports support the appearance of dryness for an average of 6.4 days per usage. Individual results may vary. View average effectiveness results here.

Now you can control your sweat and end embarrassment

Nearly one million Americans have discovered SweatBlock, the powerful antiperspirant towelette that controls sweat for up to 7 days per use.*
"Oh Sweatblock!! Its been a whole year!!!! I’m still dry and loving every moment of it!! I do p90X and Insanity and my pits are still dry after that!! I heart you guys!!! Thanks so much. I don’t think a day will go by that I won’t appreciate your product."
LAURA | SweatBlock Customer

Tested on the Rachael Ray Show

No matter what you do or how long you’ve been dealing with excessive armpit sweating, SweatBlock can help. SweatBlock safely and effectively controls excessive sweating.

A firefighter tested SweatBlock hard for 6 weeks for the Rachael Ray Show*. Did it work? You’ll be amazed. Watch the video!

5 Reasons You Should Kick Your Underarm Sweat Shields to The Curb

1. Not Strong Enough for Excessive Sweating

The #1 problem with any armpit sweat shield is that they don't do much for someone with excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Truth is... underarm sweat shields can actually add to an already embarrassing problem. They're often too small, too thin, and don't stay in place throughout the day.

2. Awkward and Noisy:

Many garment shield users equate shields to wearing diapers in their underarms. Although a slight exaggeration, it does highlight a common problem with armit shields: they're awkward and sometimes loud. Excessive sweat is embarrassing and awkward- often limiting you in your wardrobe options and lifestyle. Sweat shields and liners shouldn't cause more embarrassment and restrict your daily activities even more. Diaper like noises when you move, constant adjusting and general discomfort can be avoided by replacing shields with SweatBlock antiperspirant.

3. Increase Sweat and Smell:

Another common complaint with sweat shields is that they don't allow for air circulation or breathing. This generally leads to more sweating and... not surprisingly... more sweat - just like those stinky sneakers you threw out last summer. "Shielding" sweat with suffocating armpit shields doesn't make much sense. If you're looking for a way to super-charge your sweat production and then store up all that sweet-smelling odor for a special ocassion, sweat shields are for you. If you really want to control sweat, grab some SweatBlock.

4. Limit Your Wardrobe Options

Due to the size, appearance and the application of many sweat shields and liners you're often limited to what clothing you can wear. Tank tops and short sleeves are almost never an option. Transparent or tight-fitting clothes are usually out of the question. If you're serious about controlling sweat without sacrificing your wardrobe, you should give SweatBlock a try. SweatBlock stops sweat and gives you the freedom wear whatever you want, wherever you want.

5. Painful and Irritating:

Traditional sweat and garment shields are applied using an adhesive - directly to the skin or clothing. Many sweat shield users report significant pain and irration from the use and removal of underarm shields... think of a band-aid being ripped from your armpit... Others lament the hassle of removing armpit shields after use. Sometimes, clothing has even been damaged from certain armpit liners and shields. If you don't mind a little pain and don't mind prying leftover shield fragments from your favorite shirts and dresses, sweat shields are just the thing for you.

SweatBlock: A Better Alternative to Sweat Shields

SweatBlock is a liquid antiperspirant formula, pre-soaked on a soft towelette. Once-a-week (or as needed) before bedtime, open one of the SweatBlock packets and press the towelette firmly within and around the hairline (do not rub). Allow your underarms to air dry (about 5 minutes), and then go to bed.

During the night when your sweat glands are less active, SweatBlock will form a block in your sweat glands that will last up to a week*. It will not wash off, it does not leave a film, and you won’t even know it’s there… except that your excessive sweating will be gone. In the morning you can shower, shave, and get on with your life – sweat free.

FDA compliant and proven to work.

Or your money back

A safe and effective solution for excessive underarm sweating…
…with just an antiperspirant wipe.

One box includes 8 armpit wipes. A single sweat wipe can control sweat for up to 7 days.*

  • Safe to use with your favorite deodorant

  • FDA Compliant Formula

  • Made in the USA

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Less burning and itching than most clinical antiperspirants

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Active ingredient: 14% aluminum chloride. Other ingredients: Water, polyoxyethylenesorbitan monolaurate, polyethylene glycol 8000, eugenol, vitamin E oil, botanical extracts, 0.15% benzoic acid for preservative.

"I used to sweat right through my blouses and t-shirts. I bought dress shields for my clothing. They sometimes stuck out or they would not stay in place. I would never raise my arms up because of my excessive sweating. My white t-shirts had yellow stains under the armpits. I had to throw them away. I went looking on the internet about five years ago for a solution to my excessive sweating. I read about the cause and what to do for it. One of the things that was recommended was sweat block.I read the reviews and decided why not. I had nothing to lose. Everything else I tried failed, especially the so-called extra strength deodorants. I tried SweatBlock for a month and no more excessive sweating. I have been using it for over five years now."
Louisa S | SweatBlock Customer

Love it, or it's FREE! SweatBlock Satisfaction Guarantee.
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