Stop nervous sweating with SweatBlock Antiperspirant

Beat the social and anxiety sweat! Get SweatBlock to sweat less and live comfortably and confidently. SweatBlock is an FDA compliant, alcohol-free, extra-strong antiperspirant for nervous sweating and anxiety sweat.

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SweatBlock Antiperspirant.
Up to 8-weeks of
confident dry for just…
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Are you a nervous sweater? If so, you've likely tried hiding your secret by:

Never wearing light blue or light grey - black is best
Wearing a "sweat soaker" undershirt, and keeping a jacket or cardigan handy
Tucking tissues inside your shirt and trying not to move much
Hugging carefully to keep the dampness to yourself
Waving with your elbow at your side
MEET GABBY. She's an amazing singer, but when she gets on stage the nervous sweating kicks in. After struggling and hiding in dark clothing, Gabby found a solution that changed everything...

The SweatBlock towelette…
… your little secret.

Looking for way to stop nervous sweat? Dab on a SweatBlock towelette, and control excessive underarm stress sweating for up to 7 days. The 100% safe and soothing trade-secret formula – combined with the towelette – gives you results you can count on. So you can confidently raise your arms – anytime, anywhere, any climate.

Because drug-store antiperspirant isn’t enough for serious perspiration.

Get up to 7 Days* of Dry High-Fives, Hugs and Hoorays.

* Consumer perception reports support the appearance of dryness for an average of 6.4 days per usage. Individual results may vary. View average effectiveness results here.

Now you can control your sweat and end embarrassment

Nearly one million Americans have discovered SweatBlock, the powerful antiperspirant towelette that controls sweat for up to 7 days* per use.*

"I have to speak in front of groups often and my stage fright and nervousness overtake me. But with Sweatblock I don't have to be concerned at all! I walk into all presentations and meetings with total confidence now! This product works beyond what I thought it would. I LOVE IT!"
John N. from WA, USA | SweatBlock Customer

Nervous Sweat? Stress Sweat? No Problem!

So you don’t sweat heavy all the time, but when those nerves get going… watch out!

It could happen at work, on a date, in an interview, or when you’re simply running behind. No matter the cause, excessive underarm sweating related to nervousness is never convenient and always embarrassing. Some call it “nervous sweating,” others call it “anxious sweating” or “social sweating.”

For those of you who are tired of “pitting out” in the moments that matter most, SweatBlock is your ticket to being confidently comfortable.

How does SweatBlock work? Click here.

The Best Antiperspirant for Nervous Sweating

SweatBlock is an effective, doctor-recommended hyperhidrosis treatment that is considered the best antiperspirant for stopping nervous sweating.

SweatBlock is a liquid antiperspirant formula that is pre-soaked on a soft towelette. The towelette is pressed (not rubbed) in the underarm or wherever the sweating occurs. For more than a decade, SweatBlock users have experienced life-changing results and have shown that one application can treat hyperhidrosis for up to 7 days.*

Tested on the Rachael Ray Show

A firefighter tested SweatBlock hard for 6 weeks for the Rachael Ray Show*. Did it work? You’ll be amazed. Watch the video!

No matter what you do or how long you’ve been dealing with excessive armpit sweating, SweatBlock can help.  SweatBlock safely and effectively treats excessive sweating.

FDA compliant and proven to work.

Or your money back

A safe and effective solution for excessive underarm sweating…
…with just a towelette.

One box includes 8 towelettes. A single towelette can help you control sweat for up to 7 days.*

  • Safe to use with your favorite deodorant

  • FDA Compliant Formula

  • Made in the USA

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Less burning and itching than other clinical antiperspirants

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Active ingredient: 14% aluminum chloride. Other ingredients: Water, polyoxyethylenesorbitan monolaurate, polyethylene glycol 8000, eugenol, vitamin E oil, botanical extracts, 0.15% benzoic acid for preservative.

"I am a nervous sweater. For as long as I can remember this has taken over my life. I was constantly aware of it. I wore black shirts all the time to try to avoid the embarrassment ... Feeling the frustration and the sadness to not enjoy my life, I googled about nervous sweating. Then SweatBlock popped up. I prepared myself mentally to not get my hopes up for this too. But to my surprise, SweatBlock lasted the whole night!!! I'm so shocked! So greatful! You have no idea! This is a new start to my life thanks to SweatBlock. I can be the person I WANT to be... THANK YOU!"
Jacie R., Canada | SweatBlock Customer
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