SweatBlock Reviews

"Oh SweatBlock! It's been a whole year! I'm still dry and loving every moment of it! I heart you guys! Thanks so much."
"This is an amazing product -- EVEN sitting in a sauna with a shirt and a pair of jeans on -- it kept my under arms cool and dry."
Two words: Game. Changer. I used your product for the first time a couple of days ago and am pretty sure I just applied some dark magic concocted by Severus Snape to my armpits. I am obsessed with your product and feel like I really put it to the test yesterday in particular. Buckle up, you’re going to hear all about it.First, I had a huge cup of coffee in the morning, which, for whatever reason, always makes me sweat. But when faced with no caffeine or sweating, I think we all know what any sane person would choose.Lastly, I had an interview for a new job. Obviously EVERYONE gets nervous and sweats in those.After all three of those factors are considered, I probably would have soaked through my top and blazer roughly 9x over, right? NOPE! I was cool as a cucumber and had zero sweat stains.I can’t tell you the amount of added confidence and joy your wipes have brought me in 48 hours. I’m amazed, I’m thrilled, and I can’t stop telling other secretively sweaty friends of mine all about you guys. Certain Dri? Lol, okay- this isn’t my first perspiration rodeo, leave that to the minor leagues.
★★★★★ Kelly, USA – 8/5/2017
"I have always been a heavy sweater. I literally would sit in my office chair and start dripping sweat under my arms. I didn’t dare lift my arms because I was so embarrassed with the sweat marks on all of my shirts. I wore undershirts to try to help not show as much of the constant sweating. When I had to get up in front of my team to present something I was always keeping my arms very close to my body. I couldn’t express myself. When I was out of the golf course with my friends my shirts would look like it was 100 degrees outside because I sweat so bad. Not any more! With Sweatblock I can now leave my undershirts in my drawer and put on any type of shirt I want without the embarrassment of showing under arm sweat. I can present to my team with arms raised and not worry about showing how nervous I may or may not be. I don’t sit in my office and drip under my arms anymore. I wish I would have found Sweatblock years ago. I am at the end of my career now and wished I would have had this product a long time ago. With Sweatblock I can do many things I was embarrassed to do because the way I sweat. I can now go golfing and only show how bad I hit my driver not how bad I was sweating. Sweatblock has allowed me to do many more things with the confidence and I will not show large sweat marks under my arms. I use Sweatblock about every week and a half. Sometimes up to two weeks. I am thankful I found this product and thank Sweatblock for letting me be sweat free so I can raise my arms again without embarrassment. It works great and I swear by it. Thanks again Sweatblock."
★★★★★ Mitch B, UT, USA, 4/14/2017
"I just want to thank u guys so much for this product. I used to be wicked suicidal because I would sweat alot, but u guys saved my life! thank u so soooo much."
★★★★★ Stephanie E., MA, USA – 8/12/2016
"Hyperhidrosis is truly a debilitating condition. It shreds your self esteem, limits your socializing, restricts the kind/ color of clothing you wear and is downright embarrassing! I remember looking online frantically three years ago, almost at my wits end, for a cure to my oversweating. And after reading testimonials and watching the videos on SweatBlock I decided to try it out for myself, in spite of having absolutely no expectation. I almost cried when the sweating progressively reduced! I managed to be at a point of no sweat within 10 days of using it! It is truly remarkable and a complete life saver. I’ve been using it consistently since the day I first bought it and recommend it to anyone who has to battle sweaty underarms. It is truly a remarkable product and significantly changed the way I live my life. I get to buy clothes that I want and have the confidence to walk with great posture now. Thank you for this amazing product! Absolutely life changing."
★★★★★ Hanna A., Selengor, Malaysia, 12/12/2014
"This is an amazing product. At first I didn’t think that it would work, yet after numerous tests of physical activity and even sitting in a sauna with a shirt and a pair of jeans on, it kept my under arms cool, and dry. I highly recommend this product. I am also considering investing into this product because of how well this works. This NEEDS to be seen and used Nation Wide, maybe even World Wide."
★★★★★ Mourad S., MO, USA, 9/4/2014
"For the last 10+ years I have been looking for something to help with my excessive underarm sweating. Product after product failed miserably so there were more and more places I just didn’t go because I didn’t want to be somewhere and start sweating. I stopped wearing colored clothing out of fear I would noticeably sweat through the armpits. My sweating got so bad I couldn’t even put deodorant on because my armpits were too sweaty right after drying off from the shower. I tried powders, oils, every antiperspirant I could find, giving up caffeine, giving up sugar, staying away from anxiety triggers, sitting motionless… basically anything and everything I’ve tried. I was at the point of saving up for botox injections. I went to my kids’ school last month and within minutes of being there I had a basketball sized sweat spot under my armpit! I was horrified and had to be there for another hour yet waiting for the program to be over. I wanted to crawl into a hole and DIE! I came home and frantically googled ‘excessive sweating’ even though I knew deep down nothing was going to work. I ordered your product for one last attempt at leading a normal life again. Halle-friggin-lujah!!! Something finally worked, and worked wonders!! I have been dry as a bone from the first application and I don’t even need to wear deodorant! I dug out all my light colored shirts and started wearing those with confidence again and going out of the house isn’t an embarrassing, daunting task anymore. I can’t thank you enough for giving me back my life! Ugh!!! I feel so amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Please don’t ever stop making this product!"
★★★★★ Brianna K., Minnesota, USA, 02/04/2014
"I used to sweat a lot because of HiperHydrosis and I spent tons of money on botox to easy my suffering, but even the botox wasn’t as effective as it should be. Because I am a pianist and I play in concerts, sweating was a big issue for me. I tried almost anything and then I found SWEATBLOCK! I tried it and it worked perfectly. No more sweaty armpits in concert, no more hiding, and no more shame. Thanks SWEATBLOCK!"
★★★★★ Ricardo S., Portugal, 6/13/2017
"Most feedback is when people have a bad experience but this product is great! I work in a business environment where we sometimes have to abide by dress code regardless of temperature outside. After the success I have had with your product, I started handing out product to others I work with who look in need. Keep up the great work!"
★★★★★ Ian M., USA, 6/12/2017
"One day it just randomly began. I started sweating profusely through all my shirts. It wouldn’t just be a little either. The sweat stains would be down my arm. Every day. No matter what deodorant I used or type of shirt I would wear. Embarrassing! I found sweat block and I feel like I have my life back. It will actually last me two weeks. And not a single sweat comes through my shirt. It’s amazing!"
★★★★★ Lindsay W., USA, 1/26/2017
"This product has changed my life. After 30 years of debilitating armpit sweat, I have finally found an antiperspirant that really works! My everyday life has improved and my self-confidence has increased immensely. I don’t know what I would do without this product."
★★★★★ Tim, CA, USA, 12/17/2016
"So, to begin i started to notice I sweat so much around the middle of 7th grade. It was awful under my arms to the point were i would have strains halfway down the shirt sides. i tried all these different brands of antiperspirants and nothing worked. then i found you guys, and man it changed my life. fast-forward a little bit and I’m now halfway through my senior year of high school and i still use the product every week. you guys have been a life saver for me and my confidence has never been higher about my sweating issue. so thank you guys and keep on producing fantastic product!"
★★★★★ Zach C., MI, USA, 12/2/2016
"I am constantly in suits. Even when I am not, I bleed through my shirts via sweat. When I am in a suit, my sweat creates a salt/sweat trail down my shirt and blazer. I have spent a lot getting new suits,shirts, under shirts and Otc or script deodorant. Nothing has worked until my dad sent me your product. It has saved me embarrassment, money and hassle. I used to be in 62-65 degree AC sweating like a marathon runner after 20 miles. This product works, I endorse it and will gladly send pics or testimonies by myself and my 93 employees and 3 bosses. Thank you sweat block I will forever be a customer. I really can’t believe it as I thought Botox was the only way (recommended by doctors who said it was the only way)."
★★★★★ Chris H., MO, USA, 09/16/2016
"Omg where has this product been all my life .. The only thing on my body that sweats is my face .. I’m 46 years old and of course everyone thinks I’m having hot flashes but my face has Always sweated like crazy . I just tried sweat block and I LOVE IT .. The first time in my life I can actually be outside or at work and my bangs not be soaked with sweat . Thank you so much !!"
★★★★★ Angie W., GA, USA, 9/4/2016
"I’ve used many products to control my excess sweating and nothing is as good as Sweat Block. The key to using it is simple. You must keep the moist towel pressed under your arm for several seconds. After several seconds, move the towel to a new area under the arm. I use one towel for both underarms for a few minutes a piece. This product works if applied correctly. Nothing is as good to blocking sweat than Sweat Block"
★★★★★ Mark H., MI, USA, 09/03/2016
"I use to sweat right through my blouses and tee shirts. I bought dress shields for my clothing. They sometimes stuck out or they would not stay in place. I would never raise my arms up because of my excessive sweating. My white tee shirts had yellow stains under the arm pits. I had to throw them away. I went looking on the internet about five years ago for a solution to my excessive sweating. I read about the cause and what to do for it. One of the things that was recommended was sweat block.I read the reviews and decided why not. I had nothing to lose. Everything else I tried failed, especially the so called extra strength deodorants. I tried sweat block for a month and no more excessive sweating. I have been using it for over five years now. I recently purchased the natural crystal deodorant whole body stick and it works wonderfully. The days of excessive sweating are over for me. I will continue to buy these products well into the future. Thank you Sweat Block for making such amazing products."
★★★★★ Louisa S., IN, USA, 8/3/2016
"Im 28 years old and I had bad underarm sweat since i was 11.A few years ago i went to the doctor and they told me i had hyperdrosis.No over the counter deodorants worked or meds.And they told me I may have to have surgery.I found sweatblock online and im big on reading reviews.So I gave it a try and I couldn’t be more happy.Its really embarrassing walking around with a big puddle of sweat under your arms.And I ruined some of my good tops.I no longer have to be self conscious and I can buy light colored tops.This product really works.Its best to apply at night and when I first got it i did use another pad 2 nights later.Thank you Sweatblock!!"
★★★★★ Tiara, VA, USA, 08/01/2016
"I am a first grade teacher, so I’m always running around. My whole life I suffered from under arm sweat spot, I was embarrassed to wear any light color shirts because within minutes of putting it on I would have spots under my arms. I’ve tried everything to make it stop, deodorants, doctor prescribed antiperspirant, to natural vitamins; and nothing seemed to work. While shopping on Amazon, and sweatblock link popped up. I went to the web page and read the reviews, I was impressed with the reviews so I decided to give it a try. To my surprise it worked!!! I apply a sweatblock pad every Sunday and now I live sweat spot free. Sweatblock saved my life, this is the best antiperspirant ever!!! Thanks sweatblock!!!"
★★★★★ Jessica L., CA, USA, 6/21/2016
"I’m a 28 year old female professional. I recently started getting small sweat droplets on my eyebrows. I noticed it was not just when I was exercising but it was getting worse when I was at work and dealing with a stressful situation. I love makeup so I always have my eyebrows filled in. The sweat would start taking the makeup off. I tried not touching it but eventually it would dry into salty deposits. There was nothing I could do, everything I read didn’t work. I changed my diet. I exercised more. Nothing. I looked at sweat block a couple times but never got a clear answer on whether it could be used on the eyebrows. I decided to try it anyway. I used it once. The next day, not one sign of sweat. I used it a couple days later. The results remained the same. I now only have to use a small dab of the wipe once every two weeks!!!!! I am careful not to get it in or near my eyes. This product changed my life and helped me feel more confident with my career. Seriously, THANK YOU!"
★★★★★ Sophie, NJ, USA, 06/21/2016
"I had a nervous breakdown years ago. Among my issues, one major factor which lead to it was the inability to go out in public and really do all that much due to excessive bodily sweating. Eventually, a medication was found to help curb it, but it only worked under certain conditions… empty stomach, wait 3 hours for it to kick in, etc. When I came across Sweat Block I had just about tried every remedy one could find on the internet, so my expectations were low.My expectations were shattered.My perspiration issue is SEVERE, mind you, (and I’m average build, just cursed) so it took a few night’s use of Sweat Block to completely work for me, but each following day the problem lessened dramatically. About 3 nights of application does the trick for me, though. After that, I FINALLY feel human. I FINALLY have my confidence back.This works."
★★★★★ John W., PA, USA, 5/16/2016
"Like many of the testimonies I’ve read about this product, mine is very similar. I would NEVER wear anything but a white or black shirt for fear of sweating through a colored shirt. I had tried everything. I got prescription deodorant, I tried every over the counter application I could, but nothing ever worked. When I used Sweat Block though, it was the only product I was confident in! I could finally wear colored shirts and not worry about sweating through it and being embarrassed. It feels so much better knowing I can throw on whatever is in my closet and not having to stick to just black and whites. I’ve told all my friends about this product and about ten of them have ended up ordering Sweat Block and their lives have changed as well! It is the most amazing product I have ever used and the only antiperspirant that has ever worked for me!"
★★★★★ Rachel, Texas, USA, 03/09/2016
"This product is superb!!!! I literally just ordered two boxes after finding out it was no longer in any local stores. I refuse to run out of it! Sweatblock has been life changing for me! Just like alot of people I have tried almost every deodrant and tho it kept me fresh… it could not keep me dry. It was like my armpits was crying on a daily basis. I had to keep Kleenex with me at all times just to wipe the pitiful pits! I was miserable…."we" (myself, my armpits, and my clothes) where not getting along! It was like sweat wanted to ruin us! Nasty little culprit! Big thanks to Sweatblock! It saved me a bunch of money… from clothes, to not proceeding with Botox injections which was my next choice! This product exceeded my expectation. I’m 35 and been using it for over 3 years! I absolutely love the results!"
★★★★★ Mari, NC, USA, 2/9/2016
"I now have a new way to enjoy my life! To be blunt, I have always sweat like a field hand. Wearing makeup and trying to look nice at work was for other women, not something that I could ever, ever do. I have always perspired profusely from my face and neck, as well as my underarms. I worked as a CNA, wearing no makeup and tying my hair up in a bun daily, as part of my uniform look, yes, but primarily because I was always so sweaty I couldn’t wear a more professional made-up look. I never felt attractive, I couldn’t try makeup that other women wore, because it was such a waste of time on my sweaty skin. One day my sister told me about SweatBlock, and I thought, "if the claims were really true, that could change my whole outlook, about my daily physical appearance and the way I could face the public." I ordered it immediately, and couldn’t stand waiting for it to arrive. Oh. My. Gosh. For me, it is a miracle. It works just like it says it will. I am now able to wear full face makeup all day long, because I want to, and feel confident about my appearance all day long. I will send a video when my daughters show me how to do it, I am soooo thankful to you! I share this with everyone I can, and they cannot believe that I ever had a problem with such a sweaty face. Thank you again"
★★★★★ Leslie T., Washington, USA, 01/22/2016
"I’ve been using SweatBlock for a while now and I would never go back to any other product. Why? Because it works GREAT! I never feel like I have to worry like I did with other products. You know the days your in a rush and have to dash out the door to get to an appointment and then all of a sudden you realize "you forgot something", well that never happens with SweatBlock. I have my routine and follow the directions so I NEVER find myself in those situations anymore. The best product I’ve found on the market and I’ll never switch. Thank you SweatBlock!"
★★★★★ Patricia, IL, USA, 1/12/2016
"Ok…. Had head sweats for years, the embarrassment is as you can all imagine. Tried and spent masses amount of money. Nothing worked. So when I saw Sweat block, I thought, here goes. More waste of money, but when you’re desperate you’ll try anything. Week 1: Virtually no facial sweat... Too good to be true…. Coincidence!!!!!! Week 2: No facial sweat... This just has to be a coincidence. Week 3: ok... no sweats, still get a hot head, but no longer dripping like a demented leaky tap. This stuff really does work, and, on my face ! I use it once a week, very gently on my face, neck, front and back. Can’t believe I found something that makes me feel normal again. I can even wear makeup now. This stuff should be advertised globally, I know so many women who suffer like I did. I’m spreading the news. You have got to give this a try, it could change your life. Unless you suffer from sweats, nobody understands the stigma of it and how it pulls down your confidence."
★★★★★ Angi M., Lancashire, UK, 12/2/2015
"I have had a problem with excessive sweating for over 30 years and have tried just about every over the counter antiperspirant on the market. The so called medically formulated antiperspirants never delivered what they promised. From the first day I started using Sweatblock approximately 1 year ago, it has worked as advertised and has provided such a sense of relief and peace of mind. I can’t recommend this product enough to anyone dealing with the frustration and embarrassment of excessive sweating."
★★★★★ Mark G., CA, USA, 10/22/2015
"Prior to using sweat block, I struggled with the most embarrasing underarm perspiration problem. My job entailed a fair amount of public speaking and my "problem" never failed to embarass me. I tried every product that I could find on the market to no avail. The so called "clinical strength" products never even slightly helped. Once I found sweat block I am a changed man. It had done wonders for my self confidence in stressful situations. Interestingly, initialy I applyed the product every 10-14 days, but I have found that less frequent application works equally well. Thanks Sweat block! You have been a life saver."
★★★★★ Bob B., NC, USA, 10/22/2015
"My underarms were always drenched in sweat – I would pull paper towels from dispensers in the restroom and wad them under my T shirts to absorb the sweat – my shirts were yellowed and ruined – nothing helped – and I mean nothing. Until Sweatblock. Now I never have wet underarms, and I mean wet – at all! My shirts all look like new – I don’t wear T shirts anymore – Sweatblock is a god send. Dont doubt this – it works – and for me, it works longer than they claim on the box – nearly two weeks. And while they may not print this – I fold my towelette after first use and put it back into the foil wrapper – for a mid week touch-up, as it is still activated in the package. I will be a life-long user of Sweatblock – it is priced right but more importantly it truly works."
★★★★★ Steve, Arizona, USA, 10/21/2015
"I have been constantly sweating, wearing only black, ruining white shirts, and being self conscious since I was a kid. I tried everything… even doctor prescriptions. Nothing worked for me. I went online looking for some more ideas of things to try. I came across SweatBlock and gave it a try. I LOVE IT!It worked like magic! Such a relief to wear whatever I want and NO armpit stains. It works a whole 7 days. I REALLY LOVE IT. I have told family members about it and would highly recommend it to anyone with a similar problem. Why not give it a try? If for any reason it doesn’t work, they’ll give you your money back.Please give it a try."
★★★★★ Melissa N, Wisconsin, USA, 9/14/2015
"This product is amazing!! I wish I had found out about sweatblock years ago. Underarm sweating has always been an issue for me. It’s been to the point where I didn’t even want to get dressed. I’ve gone through wearing only certain colours (which doesn’t always help) just tank tops and I’ve tried underarm pads (only once I didn’t like them and sometimes I had to wear double) I did my research about sweatblock decided to order and holy I could not believe the results!!! Couldn’t believe it. The first week I wore 2 specific t-shirts that I wouldn’t wear and I kept looking and touching my armpits and….no sweat!! I’ve even got 2 friends to buy sweat block."
★★★★★ Tonya Y., ON, Canada, 7/22/2015
"Sweatblock has been a TRUE game changer for me!!! I don’t use it under my arms at all as I have no problems there. But my forehead sweats are out of control. And I use it exclusively for that. I have to speak in front of groups often and my stage fright and nervousness overtakes me. But with Sweatblock I don’t have to be concerned at all!! I walk into all presentations and meetings with total confidence now! This product works beyond what I thought it would. I LOVE IT!!!!!"
★★★★★ John N., WA, USA, 6/18/2015
"I am a nervous sweater. For as long as I can remember this has taken over my life. I was constantly aware of it. I wore black shirts all the time to try to avoid the embarrassment. I was often called punk or goth because I did. But I knew my real reasons for wearing dark clothing. I would often buy shirts I’d absolutely love. I knew I couldn’t wear them but it be a fantasy of mine. I’d say. "One day. I can wear you". Years and years past and I would never change my style. It would seem to be so bad sometimes. Even going threw light coloured jackets in winter time. A month ago I was at a brunch with some friends. With it being a social gathering that I wasn’t totally comfortable with. I was nervous. It was cold In the restaurant so I wanted to keep my coat on (light coloured). I new I was gonna sweat. So I kept my arms close to my side to avoid embarrassment if it was noticeable. When I got home I looked at my jacket. The sweat had gone through so badly on my one underarm that I was finished. Finished with this life. Feeling the frustration and the sadness to not enjoy my life, I googled about nervous sweating. Then sweat block popped up. I read and watched results online. I was sure it wasn’t going to work. But I wanted to try it anyways. As one last try in life. I had to wait a bit to get a credit card to order the product. But the day I got the card, I ordered it. When I got it, I applied it on a Saturday night before bed. As Sundays are my WORST for nervous sweating, as I have a two hour important meeting that I’m always nervous at. Reluctant that the product would work. I still wore a dark coloured shirt. Threw the two hrs of the meeting I was conscious of it like always. I decided to go to the bathroom to check, and to my surprise. No sweat!! Omg I was so shocked! I’m in love already! So I took it through my normal Sunday routine. A hard day of physical work. Still wearing black shirt. Still conscious of it. NOTHING!! No sweat!!! Then I was invited to the movies that night. So I decided to wear one of the shirts I have bought in the past(light coloured). I was sure that the sweat block wouldn’t last the rest of the day. I prepared myself mentally to not get my hopes of for this too. But to my surprise, the sweat block lasted the whole night!!! I’m so shocked! So greatful! You have know idea! This is a new start to my life now thanks to sweat block. I can be the person I WANT to be! I don’t make much money but I’m going to find ways to make it possible to be a life time customer! THANK YOU sweatblock. THANK YOU"
★★★★★ Jacie R., ON, Canada, 5/4/2015
"I just want to go ahead and thank everyone in this company! I got an email for a free trail. I didn’t even think that it would come. And I didn’t know if I wanted to try it or not. But after trying it, it has changed my life. I can finally wear just shirts without an absorbing tee underneath! I finally have my confidence back! Who knew that one little wipe could change my life so much. Thank you sweat block! I can finally live the normal life I once had."
– Chris R., GA, USA, 4/15/2015
"I have been a regular user of Sweatblock for over a year now. In terms of underarm sweat control-this has been the best year of my life. I have always been athletic and active which means I’ve always been a sweaty girl! I have tried most of the different over the counter clinical deodorants and none of them worked as they had promised. I used to wear undershirts to stop sweating through to my top shirt, but even that didn’t work. I sweat when it’s hot out, I sweat when it’s cold out. I have ruined many shirts with sweat stains and odors! I was desperate for change! My online research led me to Sweatblock. The price was reasonable and standard shipping was quick! After the first couple of days of use I was convinced that any day it would wear off and I would start sweating excessively again, but NO, it held strong for a good 7 days! I can go between 7-10 between doses! And even when I do go longer between the doses the sweating and odor is nowhere near what it was before I was a Sweatblock user!"
★★★★★ Chelsea K., CA, USA, 4/10/15
"SweatBlock is truly a game changer! I am a body builder and sweat a lot in general but after going to the gym in the mornings to start my day I would be just sitting at my desk sweating through both my undershirt and dress shirt- completely embarrassing. SweatBlock has changed all that and I’m completely dry all the time now. Life altering and thank you for such a GREAT product!!!"
★★★★★ Sean L., MO, USA, 3/23/2015
"I’ve never written a testimonial for a product before. Thank you for providing such a great product. Before I used Sweatblock, I would immediately start sweating when I got out of the shower, and would have to wear multiple shirts/change during all times of the year. Now I apply Sweatblock about once a month and I have no problems at all. Incredible."
★★★★★ Bill P., OK, USA, 3/14/2015
"Good morning.. I am a 57 yr old woman and for way to many years I had a problem with excessive sweating especially with the onset of menopause. It was so bad it kept me from a lot of social activities and the awful challenge of hiding it at work..I tried sweat shields. Every kind of clinical of products on the market, and usually kept lots of tissues to keep and stuff them under my arms even a prescription from my doctor did nothing, this is no joke ,it was so bad I had to carry extra shirts. So after 8 or 9 years I was done. I saw Sweatblock in the store read and researched the product, I liked what I saw and decided to try it AND IT WORKED.. It. Changed my life , I am never without it, thank the world for Sweatblock..would have done video but not to good at that stuff."
★★★★★ Margaret B., VA, USA, 3/2/2015
"I have suffered from anxiety-related hyperhidrosis since I was *three years old*…yes, that was no mistake–I was a three year-old child when my mother began to notice severe wetness (to the extent of wet circles from above my armpits to my waistline). She tried to contain it by having me begin to use antiperspirant–no dice. At this point, I was too young to know what was going on or that it was embarrassing. The anxiety was coming from starring in several commercials (radio and television) and the extreme regiment that goes along with having to do several takes and long hours of work in front of cameras; many intimidating men yelling orders at me as I forgot my lines, etc, etc. As life went on, the hyperhidrosis continued but was not only anxiety-related; it began to be a constant in my life. While it became embarrassing once I started working in the medical field (thus soaking through light-colored scrubs and having to wear sweaters to cover this) that I began to notice this as a problem. I remember once going on a very important date with a cardiologist and, as he tried to hold my hand, my anxiety was so off-the-charts that beads of sweat trickled down from my armpit and fell upon *his* hand. I was beyond embarrassed—especially when he asked what that "water" was that he felt on his hand! Needless to say, I never went on a date with him again, because I was so embarrassed. Luckily, he never knew what it was–but I did. Decades passed and no antiperspirant did the trick–all they did was ball up in little clumps as soon as they went on my skin. I tried to ward the wetness from transferring onto my clothes by applying paper towels under my clothing–those often fell out as I walked–even MORE embarrassment! I finally mustered up enough bravery to ask my family doctor–she was dumbfounded and couldn’t find any other answer than Drysol. Drysol did absolutely NOTHING. I gave it over one month of religious trial, all to no avail except irritation that could not be tolerated at all. Mind you, had it worked, I would’ve lived with the irritation—I was THAT desperate. Botox did NOT (I repeat: did NOT) work–not from day one, not even two, three or four months later…I had NO change in my hyperhidrosis and it was a waste of $3K per arm (this was when it was first discovered that Botox injections were helping hyperhidrosis). More recently, at the age of 39, I finally asked a more trusted family physician to help me. She was the one that boiled it all down to severe anxiety–which I live with most of the day–even when there’s nothing really anxiety-provoking going on–simply thinking about having to start dinner at a certain time makes me extremely anxious. She prescribed anti-anxiety medication which, at first, worked somewhat but approximately a week later, I had an anxiety-provoking meeting to attend, and the wetness was back–no matter the dose of the anti-anxiety meds. Two weeks ago, I began to search for dress shields as a last resort; my family physician told me that was my only choice at this point, other than POSSIBLY getting some relief from thoracic trunk surgery–but still, it was not guaranteed to work. As I was searching for the dress shields I ran across an ad for Sweat Block. I read only five reviews and I knew I wanted to try it! I immediately ordered it on Amazon and received it the very next day, Friday, 16 January. I applied it that night and noticed the difference the next day. I had NEVER felt that "dry" feeling in my ENTIRE LIFE–literally. I thought it may be too good to be true and did feel *some* (VERY minimal) breakthrough wetness. I decided to apply it again that night–just in case. The following day, while I felt what I think was only "fantom breakthrough wetness" (as, when I’d touch the area it might have felt a TINY bit damp but I couldn’t believe it was *just* this tiny bit of wetness) I still applied it a third night. I have been "pit-stain" free since the day after I applied SweatBlock!!!! I do have some irritation but I apply Hydrocortisone and the irritation dissipates almost instantly. Yes, I do have some red bumps but, to me, it is a VERY, VERY, VERY small price to pay for the FREEDOM that Sweat Block has provided me!! I’m now 40 years old and I have a VERY important conference to attend in three weeks–something which I was NOT looking forward to ONLY because of my anxiety-provoked hyperhidrosis. I NO LONGER HAVE TO WORRY!!!! Since caffeine also provoked an even worse stream of a "waterfall", I had been avoiding it for about a year now–again, still didn’t work, but I was no longer drinking any caffeine nonetheless, simply because it made my anxiety (let alone the hyperhidrosis) that much worse. Either way, yesterday, I decided to experiment and drink a cup of regular, caffeinated coffee and I did notice some "dampness"–HOWEVER, this dampness never even resulted in staining my clothes! As soon as the caffeine was out of my system, I was IMMEDIATELY back to being dry. This dryness is a feeling I have never experienced–in my life. It’s hard to explain how "smooth" my arm skin feels when rubbing against my underarms—it’s a GREAT feeling! I cannot thank you ENOUGH for producing SUCH a LIFE-CHANGING product!!! Please accept my sincere gratitude!!!!"
★★★★★ Lucy G, DC, USA, 01/24/15
"Good morning.. I am a 57 yr old woman and for way to many years I had a problem with excessive sweating especially with the onset of menopause. It was so bad it kept me from a lot of social activities and the awful challenge of hiding it at work..I tried sweat shields. Every kind of clinical of products on the market, and usually kept lots of tissues to keep and stuff them under my arms even a prescription from my doctor did nothing, this is no joke ,it was so bad I had to carry extra shirts. So after 8 or 9 years I was done. I saw Sweatblock in the store read and researched the product, I liked what I saw and decided to try it AND IT WORKED.. It. Changed my life , I am never without it, thank the world for Sweatblock..would have done video but not to good at that stuff."
★★★★★ Margaret B., VA, USA, 3/2/2015
"I am very active person or hyperactive. I have always had perspiration problems and switched up products often including the clinical type deodorants /antiperspirants. My blouses, shirts, sweaters and jackets were worn one time because of the deodorant marks and not being "fresh". I have lived in the southern climates and the humidity made it worse. I saw Sweat Block in a store in TX while I was traveling and bought a box. I used it after a shower, let it dry, got dressed and put it to the test. I was in and out of the car, it was October in Houston TX and i had on a sweater, boots and jeans. It was HOT! Nothing – no sweat, no odor, no stickiness like my regular product even though it was hotter than heck. The next day – my sweater didn’t have deodorant marks, no odor and i did not have to wash it. I found Sweat Block in several of the same stores as I found in TX and bought every box they had. I have since ordered it online because the stores no longer carry it. It works – i go outside the directions and seal the wipe in the package and reapply after each shower until the wipe is almost dry. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and no uncontrolled sweating/odor. I no longer use the sticky coating of a deodorant/antiperspirant and do not have to dry clean my clothing nearly as often. Get your confidence back. No worries about raising your arms- even while sleeveless – Sweat Block works. I am not a sales person but this is a product I could and would sell. I am a female but i do not glisten – i sweat. When I try something that works – i always speak up. Thanks for reading!"
★★★★★ Sharon V, NC, USA, January 27, 2015
"I absolutely love your product!! Thanks to a daily medication that I am on that makes my body overheat faster than others, I sweat more than most. The sweating and odor were a constant source of embarrassment to me. I have tried everything, including two different prescriptions deodorants that caused so much pain to my sensitive skin that I simply couldn’t use them. At this point I was out of options because Botox and surgery were out. I decided to give your product a try because I simply had nothing to lose. I’ve used a box and feel confident giving this product 5+ stars!! While it doesn’t completely stop the sweating, but honestly in 90 degree weather what can, but it has helped tremendously. My morning deodorant now has a fighting chance and does it’s job. My skin is sensitive and it does cause some stinging at first, but it’s mild and if you’ve ever used script deodorant then this is a cake walk!! I don’t feel as self conscious that I smell around others. My self esteem has def been elevated thanks to Sweatblock. This has been a God send. Please don’t stop making it!!"
★★★★★ Tina B. , PA, USA, June 30, 2014
"I’ve been dealing with hyperhydrosis since I was a teenager. I’m 44 now. Until last year, I didn’t know there was a clinical term for my problem sweating. I had been to doctors throughout the years, but the dopes (sorry, but true) never had a clue. I have problems not only sweating from my underarms, but also constant sweating from my hands, and feet. It has ruined my social, and business life. Not being able to shake people’s hands, sweating up shirts, having to take ‘spare’ shirts w/ me all the time. It’s been hell. I have a huge presentation interview to give next week, and last week found SweatBlock on the internet. Already, it has totally eliminated sweating from my underarms. I also use it carefully on my face being sure not to get in my eyes. I can now go into my presentation knowing I will not be pouring literally from my face and underarms. No more sweaty shirts, no more ruining shirts from stains, and especially….. No More Embarrassment!!!! Thank you SweatBlock! Your going to build back up my confidence in life in general!"
★★★★★ Matt L., CT, USA
"OMG! These are a blessing!! I have had what I believe is hyperhydrosis since about 6th or seventh grade now and I am now 21, and I’ve tried plenty of products until I came upon this product. I was convinced nothing would work for me, but after a couple of days of using sweatblock, and while I was at work I noticed that I was feeling totally normal!! I just want to thank you all at SweatBlock for literally changing my life!"
★★★★★ Symone, OR, USA, 03-07-2014
"I have never in my life had a day I didn’t worry about sweating in public. I’m not even nervous I just would sweat. I live in ohio and we have high humidity. Thanks to SweatBlock my life is forever changed. No more worrying. I can wear any color of shirt again. Hopefully you never stop making this product."
★★★★★ Spencer, Ohio, USA, 2/17/2014
"My daughter developed hyperhidrosis in middle school. She was so self-conscious about it and rarely left our house, did not socialize with friends and always wore so many layers to cover the drenched sweat on her underarms and sides. The doctor had her try Hypercare (aluminum chloride) and it never worked. She was so depressed. We finally went to a dermatologist who put her on a drug called Robinul. She had paralysis of her GI tract and it took doctors 15 months and a weight loss of 50 lbs to figure it out it was the drug so she had to come off of it. She was SO depressed, now a senior in high school, at the thought of going back to the extreme sweating again. We were sent to see a thoracic surgeon for surgery to deaden a nerve to stop the sweating but it had serious side effects and we just did not know what to do. I searched frantically on the internet for something to try to give her some kind of hope. That’s the day I found your SweatBlock site. I was SO skeptical, but desperate. After all, she has tried Rx strength aluminum chloride so many times in the roll on and it never worked. But I am SO happy to report that this works!! I am shocked honestly. She has a severe case of hyperhidrosis and one pad lasts her about 6 days. Her clothes no longer have a horrible odor that we cannot get rid of. She is so happy I cannot begin to tell you. You have absolutely no idea what your product has done for her as she was so depressed at having to be off the drug and back to using nothing. My sister-in-law ordered it also for her daughter and they love it too. Thank God for SweatBlock!!!"
★★★★★ Debra T, Ohio, USA, 02/03/2014
"Wow, To my incredible joy, I am pleased to share that after just one application, I am dry! I have fought with excessive to light sweating since I was around 21 years old, and now at 37, I finally have some relief. At the height of hyperhidrosis from hell, I went through 7- 8 shirts easily in an 8 hour period at age 24 or 25. I was humiliated and tired of having perpetually wet underarms. It was exhausting to have to hide. I think it was severe for a few years there too. Meds from the doc did little to nothing.As I got a little older, somehow things self- corrected to a certain level, and at age 28 or so, I saw some relief naturally as a dissipation occurred- but never totally went away. So, about the time I want to enjoy myself at church or a function, or at school, I have been reminded of my nervous sweating even if just a little bit to annoy me- make me crazy!.Well, I had a church event today to attend this morning, but I used the SweatBlock last night, and I am amazed to report that I am dry- like a normal person! I am wearing the same black shirt that I wore to the function earlier, but It is on my body now- completely dry. I am comfortable and happy. I haven’t been dry and happy since I was 20; that was 17 years ago!I do not know what I will do if this product ever becomes unavailable. I am so very grateful to those who made it. I have tried other products before that either burned the hell out of my skin causing so much discomfort or products that did not provide relief and dryness. This neither hurts, or misses the mark.I really can’t believe I have been totally dry all day long. Thank you so much and I look forward to purchasing more of these products for the future in bulk. I can not believe my skin is not chapped from wetness on my underarms!"
★★★★★ Teresa B, Washington D.C., USA, 01/19/2014
"While in high school, I started to sweat all of the time – no matter if I was cold or hot. In college, would add more layers of clothes on to try to cover up my sweating, but I would always sweat through multiple shirts. Adding on more antiperspirant/deoderant seemed to make things worse – smell and sweat. I didn’t understand what was going on. I finally resorted to wearing only black and white after teaching high school geometry one day, wearing a bright orange button down shirt, and one of my students raised his hand and said "We can turn the air conditioning on if you want to." I had huge sweat marks all around both of my armpits. I had tried everything – from "clinical strength" to the creams to the men’s antipersperants. About 18 months ago, I found Sweat Block on a wall of well over 200 antipersperants and deodorants. I read the packaging and thought it could be interesting – basically 199 of the antipersperants had the same ingredient in it, and Sweat Block’s main ingredient was different. I tried it and coupled it with an all-natural deodorant for daily use. I am no longer chained to black and white. I can wear all colors and teach with confidence that my clothes are clear of any sweat stains at all. I am so glad I found Sweat Block!"
★★★★★ Brooke M., Indiana, USA, 12/15/2013
"This is the only product out of many that I have tried that has actually worked. I love it. I never have to worry about sweating when we are out anymore and theres no more sweat stains on my clothes. This is a wonderful product and it has helped me have more confidence in myself. I highly recommend it to my friends."
★★★★★ Brittney F., USA, 09/13/2013
"Even though I read amazing testimonials and watched videos from people that love this product, I was skeptical. Nothing ever worked to control my hyperhidrosis. I’ve struggled with this for 18 years. Wearing a suit and tie in the Florida humidity is more than overwhelming. I was constantly planning on what to wear based on how much my underarms were going to sweat. I ruined shirts, I would sweat through the shirt and through my suit jacket. I was so self-conscious, all the time. I was uncomfortable, wet pits are not something that dry immediately. I could feel the sweat run down my side while talking with clients. At times it was just flat out frustrating. I tried products in the stores, ordered things online, shaved arm pits, tried Botox but nothing worked. So many products made my arm pits itch and burn horribly. After stumbling on a video of this young lady in Washington state, I heard her talk about SweatBlock and it gave me hope. Her words were as if I wrote them myself. Same problems, same social worries, same embarrassment exactly. I bought two boxes yesterday, used the product last night, and, today I am dry. I spoke in Rotary Club this morning and not a drop of sweat. My shirt is dry, no wet circle. I would sweat in my office, A/C blowing cold, just working, still sweating for NO REASON. Now, today, is the first day that I’m comfortable, dry and confident. Now I don’t have to hide my wet pits. I’m very happy. By the way, I take care of myself, I run and bike and do Triathlons, I eat responsibly and make sure that my nutrition is on track. I’m in my mid 50′s and thought that I would have to deal with this sweating problem forever. Thank you SweatBlock, I have hope now, so glad that I’ll stop ruining my work shirts and t-shirts. Try this product, it works, believe me, tried them all and THIS ONE WORKS."
★★★★★ Kragh F, Florida, USA, 08/27/2013
"I have had a problem with excessive sweating from my armpits for the last 5 yrs. I have tried every kind of antiperspirant out there and nothing helped so I have had to wear a sweater everyday. AND let me tell you… summers were not fun! So I was watching Rachael Ray a few weeks ago and they were talking about SweatBlock… I was hesitant cause I didn’t want to waste any more money but I decided to give it a try and ordered it. 3 days ago my order arrived. I put it on 2 nights ago and I woke up dry yesterday morning :) so I went on with the rest of my day and evening… still dry! So I got brave when my girlfriend invited me out last night and wore a tank but brought my sweater just incase. Well… I will tell you I did not put on my sweater at all! My arms were up in the air and I was confident for the first time in 5 yrs :) I will definitely be ordering more cause IT WORKS! Thank you so much Sweatblock… you have definitely gave me back my confidence and my life!"
★★★★★ Mel, Canada, 08/16/2013
"Nothing has ever worked for my underarm sweating until SweatBlock. I have survived for the past years putting paper towels under my arms in the office to soak up the sweat. Not any more… SweatBlock works!! As I type I am wearing a blue dress shirt with no t-shirt and I am dry as a bone. I couldn’t be happier with your product and intend to use it forever!"
★★★★★ Steve C., USA, 08/14/2013
"My daughter is 14 and I bought SweatBlock for her. We are so thankful to finally find something that works. This product is amazing!!! She sweats on a regular basis just sitting on the sofa watch TV to sitting in class. It’s very embarrassing to have sweat showing on your shirt especially at this age when your not doing any activity that would cause it. SweatBlock has helped tremendously."
★★★★★ April B., Lousiana, USA, 08/18/2013
"Listen I have tried everything in utter frustration. This product did not work for me day one but by day 3 I was completely dry all day and for the next 5. This product is my new hero."
★★★★★ Matt Z., Michigan, USA, 08/12/2013
"I had been suffering from hyperhydrosis for the past 9 years and have tried just about every over the counter antiperspirant but none of them worked for me. My wardrobe consisted of several colors but if I wore anything other than black to work I’d have to bring a sweater to cover up my sweaty armpits. I’ve been using SweatBlock for about a month now, I’m so happy to say I’m sweat free and so happy! Your product has restored my self confidence! Thank you!"
★★★★★ Leslie, New York, USA, 08/08/2013
"IT WORKS! OMG- I was very skeptical- even looked at costly Botox- I am the girl in the meeting in January with pit stains…in NH…in January…lol- I saw this 2 weeks ago and thought about it, I did break down and purchase 2 boxes…applied in the car, driving down the highway to a meeting…yes, not following the directions…it worked! The next evening I showered before bed and applied it according to the directions- OMG- I decided for me to not wait for ‘breakthrough’ sweat and redid after 5 days…I am wearing shirts I bought and have only been able to wear once because of the sweat and this is in the summer! I can’t wait to see how this works year round…as of now, I am a believer and will now be a great buyer! I just apply a little deodorant…not sure why-lol…and I’m out the door. If you are skeptical- try it- I no longer have to wear black or weird prints anymore!! Yippee- and all the nice dress shirts I have in colors that have all been worn…sadly once! I will be wearing from now on. I am 41 and the happiest I have ever been about a product…which is why I am taking the time to write! Good Luck!"
★★★★★ Lissa C., New Hampshire, USA, 08/01/2013
"THIS IS NOT FAKE!!!! When I first tried SweatBlock I applied it once a week for the first 3 application. Unfortunately, it would stop the sweating for more than a day. So started applying every other day for 10 days and MY UNDERARM DO NOT SWEAT!!!!! OMFG!!!! People do not understand how long I have battled perspiration problems – YEAR AROUND – My underarm were wet even when i did nothing!!! Yes I did everything, prescriptions, baking soda, clinical DO, keep shaved— everything except Botox!!! I have ruined so many tops over the years and wearing only black or white tops did not help. No i’m not overweight and yes I am a woman. I now can use SweatBlock once a week with clinical DO and no sweat. I can raise my arms! IT WORKS! P.S. Its very humid in the summer and I thought at times I was sweating but when I checked my underarms – I’m dry or have a small spot (that my indication to put more on that night) But you are talking about someone who sweated so bad – it would go down to half of the side of my shirt, over to my breast and 6 inches past my underarms in the back. IT WAS BAD!"
★★★★★ Toris O., Washington D.C., USA, 07/23/2013
"I used to sweat a lot & stink really bad! I was soo embarrassed about it that I always had perfume & deodorant with me in my purse! I just tried it last night for the first time & I woke up today with no sweat! It even smells decent! My husband even told me today that I smell better than I have in years! Thank you, thank you, thank you"
★★★★★ Iliana C., Arizona, USA, 07/08/2013
"I have ALWAYS been self-conscious and extremely embarrassed about my excessive underarm sweating. My wardrobe has been limited to primarily dark colors. Words cannot express how happy this product has made me!! I have the freedom now to wear what I want and I stay completely dry, even in the Arizona summer heat!!! Thank you SweatBlock!"
★★★★★ Liz M., USA, 07/07/2013
"I have always sweat a TON, it was super embarrassing through school and work, even around my friends. I would sweat even on the most comfortable days, doing absolutely nothing at all. I had to change my shirt three times a day just to be comfortable. I tried all of the clinical strength antiperspirants to no avail, and my doctor even recommended trying Botox to help. One day I happened upon SweatBlock, and thought "why not? worst it can do is nothing at all…" so I tried it. The first day after using it I noticed a DRAMATIC change, almost NO perspiration! I’ve been using SweatBlock for over 6 months now, and it works just as well, if not better, than the first day I tried it! I never leave comments for any product, but this stuff is AMAZING! Thank you SOOOO much SweatBlock!!!! If you are a heavy sweater, I dare you to try SweatBlock! If it worked for me, I would bet my right toe it will work for anyone!!!!"
★★★★★ Holly, USA, 06/30/2013
"Going through high school and being nervous and moving to the wonderful desert of Arizona, I had issues with sweating, and going out in public wondering what people though, but as I grew older which I’m now 27 going to 28, I could care less of what people think, but that also is coming from using SweatBlock, my wonderful girlfriend introduced this product me, as she heard it from a friend at her work, I tried SweatBlock and even with the Arizona desert, I mainly stayed dry, I couldn’t believe it.. I a lot more confidence, wear more colored clothing then I normally would have.. its great.."
★★★★★ Brad P., Iowa, USA, 06/27/2013
"I have had a problem with my armpits since the eight grade when i was thirteen. As the years went on i feel like it got worse and i couldn’t hide it, not even wearing black or tank tops. Now being 18 almost 19 i can’t stand having the problem of not being able to wear a cute shirt because i have to worry about underarm sweating. I saw this was finally in Walmart so i didn’t have to buy it online (which i hate doing). And seeing it was only $7 i couldn’t pass up at least trying it. I just started the first time ever on Monday June 10, 2013 and when i woke up the next morning i went on with my shower and my typical black tank top, to realize i wanted to see if this product worked so i put on a fitted shirt that was blue! Usually within minutes i have sweat pits, but NO hours later and still dry as a bee. I did a second application last night (only two days later seeing i feel a slight sweat again) but ever since i bought this product i went back to Walmart to buy more to stock! I’ve tried EVERYTHING in the stores and NOTHING ever worked for me and i didn’t want to go to a doctor because come on this is embarrassing. To know i can finally wear any type or color shirt is weird because I have never done so before! I wouldn’t go out in public because of fear of people noticing but i went out and wore bright orange and went to the bathroom and DRY as a bone! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making a product that finally works for me! i hope it never stops working as i’ve been reading it has stopped for some people. I can only hope and pray it always works! thank you for making me feel okay to shop now and raise my arms! I am so grateful that there was a last resort because nothing worked until this and i can’t thank you enough! never stop making this product! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
★★★★★ Mackenzie H. , Ohio, USA, 06/13/2013
"Working in the restaurant industry having large sweat circles under your armpits is NOT good for tip-making. After trying EVERY clinical strength (male and female) antiperspirant available I truly thought I was doomed to sweat. About a week ago I saw "SweatBlock" at the local grocery store and decided to give it a shot. I have never been so happy with a product!! My sweat has stopped and it was so easy and quick. I am hooked and will NOT STOP telling EVERYONE I work with about this wonderful product. Thank you so much makers of SweatBlock."
★★★★★ Clinton D., USA, 06/06/2013
"I’m so HAPPY! I have found a cure. It’s been literally 20 years that I’ve been looking for a deodorant to STOP MY SWEATING under my arms. One night at WalMart looking for another non working deodorant, when I came across SweatBlock! So I said to myself why not you have literally tried everything on the shelf, what harm could it do. I feel like a cancer free person! I’ve felt embarrassed for YEARS. ALL my teenage years, ALL MY 20′s and My 30′s and I mean nothing has worked! It’s been 3 weeks and I can make it to day 8 with no sweat stains. I am really really really really really really really really happy I haven’t been so confident in life than l have been in 3weeks. It’s affordable and work. Thank you SweatBlock! If you need me to do a commercial I will no questions asked."
★★★★★ Chanta H., Michigan, USA, 06/04/2013
"My daughter is 14 and for 3 years now she has had the most embarrassing sweat problem that she had horrible self esteem and could only wear certain clothes just to bear it. All doctors told us there was nothing we could do for her at her age we all felt so bad for her, I heard of your product and just prayed. It came in the mail yesterday and used it before bed. Today was the hottest day this year so far and I was never so happy as when she text me on the bus on the way home so happy she was just ecstatic she said it worked! She didn’t sweat at all! We both we in tears when she got home just so excited for her because for the first time in her life she didn’t have to worry anymore and could wear all the cute clothes she should be able to wear and couldn’t for the first time. Thank you so much for this miracle product now my beautiful baby girl gets to start high school with confidence and self esteem not ever embarrassed about her sweating problem again! We can’t thank you enough you have saved a young girls life in so many ways, she always had to wear layers even in the summer, and every piece of clothing had to be so carefully picked out with only a few colors as a choice now she can have a full life! Thank you thank you thank you!"
★★★★★ Rebecca H., USA, 05/31/2013
"This product is excellent. I actually have not had to use a second treatment in 9 days. No sweating and feel more confident without having to change my shirt 3-4 times a day. I have been stocking up incase for some dumb reason it get discontinued."
★★★★★ David G., USA, 05/21/2013
"I hope my name will not be used in this review. That being said, I would like to thank You, whomever you are that invented this product. SweatBlock has changed my life overnight. I am a 26 year old male that has been struggling with the underarm sweating problem for the last 3 years. I never had this issue while attending college or high school but it happened to me somehow. I used to sweat so much under my arms that I would wear a sweatshirt indoors even on warm summer days just so that people wouldn’t see the problem I am dealing with. Eventually it gotten so hot that I started bringing extra t-shirts to work to avoid the embarrassment. My shirts were ruined from the sweat stains and my night/weekend life suffered as well. I had tried strong antiperspirants before and even shaved my arm pits but nothing helped. I refused to go to the doctor thinking that it was temporary. Finally about a week ago ( May 2013 ), I started searching for more solutions and stumbled upon SweatBlocks website. It seemed very skeptical but after reading some reviews I decided to try it. I was smiling while ordering this product just because of the thought of being free from this problem. When the product arrived within a week or so, I was sacred. I was worried of side effects and even making the problem worse but I tried it anyway. I am soooooooooooo happy I did. I followed instructions word for word. Wash, clean, apply before you go to bed. I woke up the next morning. I didn’t take a shower because I did that the night before to use the product and i did not apply any deodorant or antiperspirant. I was curious to see how the day would turn out. I kept feeling like I was sweating the first day because I expected it in my mind but when I touched my underarms they were DRY ! I went all day without deodorant and not a single drop of sweat appeared. I was clean and nothing smelled. It was amazing! I haven’t felt that way in years. The next day I went to work without a sweatshirt :) and it was great. It has been over a week now that I have been using this product and I would recommend that anyone with similar problems to try this. I just had my birthday and this was the best gift I could have gotten myself. Thanks SweatBlock ! I can finally have nice clothes."
★★★★★ RH, Ohio, USA, 05/21/2013
"I can finally wear something besides black!! For the last 20 years my closet and drawers were all black or dark colors, or clothes i could layer to hide my underarm pools of sweat! Not an easy task especially when you work customer service and are around people all day! A single cup of coffee would make me sweat so bad that it looked like i had tears running down my arms. I have tried every deodorant, prescription, at home remedy i could find. I was shopping one day with my daughter (who is always embarrassed when we are in public and i have big sweat marks) and found SweatBlock, said why not i have tried everything else.. I was blown away with how i can now get dressed with out having to do it around my underarm sweat! Now I just need to be able to get some color back in my closet! Thank You!!"
★★★★★ Katie, New York, USA
"This product has completely changed my life!! Since my pre-teens I have suffered from hyperhidrosis but I never sought professional help. This condition effected my confidence in business transactions and it also had an impact on my personal life. Luckily, I have a wife that understands these issues and accepted my condition as one we could overcome… Thanks for changing my life, also you have gained a life long customer!!"
★★★★★ Zac R., North Carolina, USA, 05/11/2013
"Oh my gosh!! I cannot believe how well this works! I thought there was no hope. I sweat so bad I had to wear dark color clothes. Today I went and bought pink, lime green, yellow, and light blue shirts. I’m so excited!!!! THANK U SO MUCH:)"
★★★★★ Serena C., USA, 04/27/2013
"Wow I’m so glad to found sweatblock nothing has ever worked for my under arm sweat. I have been sweating for years and nothing would even come close to stop it. I would change my shirts few times a day I would sweat doing nothing but sitting… it works awesome! Now I wear t-shirts and stay dry for days. I forget when I last put it on lol. I love it and hope others try… thank you SweatBlock!"
★★★★★ Caroline S., Florida, USA, 04/24/2013
"I just wanted to say I LOVE this product! I had excessive sweating under my arms & it was embarrassing, but i bought this product & applied it last night & already i have results! No sweat marks under my arms at all & they feel as dry as can be! No lie! I tried so many over the counter antiperspirants & nothing worked & i was a very excessive underarm sweater (i mean i couldn’t wear anything but black colors cause it would stick out like a sore thumb 24/7)! So thank you guys so much this will def help me as a confidence booster to be able to wear those fun colors i own!! :)"
★★★★★ Gabrielle S., USA, 04/15/2013
"I’ve been suffering from excessive underarm sweat for about 8 years now, and this is the only thing that works. I don’t know what is in it, it might be super glue for all I know, but it works like nothing else on the market. I hope you stay around forever, because this is the only thing that I will buy… ever."
★★★★★ Tom M., USA, 04/13/2013
"This stuff is incredible! I’ve never seen better results from any other antiperspirant!! I feel comfortable and confident all the time because of this product! Thank you to the geniuses who created this miracle worker! My life is changed!"
★★★★★ Aimee T., USA, 04/10/2013
"I don’t even know what to say. I never write testimonials but I will make an exception for this. I have suffered from hyperhydrosis in my armpits since I was about 11. It is absolute misery. I couldn’t wear any colored tops, and I always had to have a black cardigan, even in the summer to cover up my (sometimes astonishingly large!) pit stains. People would always comment on the fact that I always wore black tops, and I had to go along like it like I just loved wearing black. Aside from the aesthetic dilemma, it was also just soggy miserable discomfort. I owe the makers of this product a huge thank you, you have saved me from years of unhappiness. I wish I had found this product sooner. PLEASE do not ever stop making this product, I don’t know what I would do now that I have experienced what it must feel like for non-hyperhydrosis sufferers. I just DO NOT SWEAT from my armpits. Not a drop."
★★★★★ Katy, Maine, USA, 04/09/2013
"I used to sweat constantly. I was so self-conscious about it, I wouldn’t lift my arms up. I got so tired of it. I tried EVERY clinical strength deodorant out there…nothing worked! I decided to pick up SweatBlock, put it on one night and the next few days I didn’t sweat! I was so happy and relieved. THIS STUFF WORKS."
★★★★★ Josh B., West Virginia, USA, 02/25/2013
"For as long as I can remember, I’ve had excessive sweat problems. In middle and high school I couldn’t wear the cute clothes like all of my friends because I was very self conscious of the sweat in my armpits. It could be 40 degrees outside and I’d be sweating.. I would resort to wearing big sweatshirts to hide it, and even sometimes that didnt work.. I’m almost 23 years old and I’ve tried every deodorant out there, including Men’s sport antiperspirants. Nothing worked. Until I found SweatBlock. SweatBlock changed my life and has given me my confidence back. Thank you!!"
★★★★★ Vanessa, California, USA, 02/06/2013
"I am 37, and recently started having issues with my left under arm excessively sweating. It is embarrassing and annoying. I wore a silky shirt on New Years Eve, and found myself having to sneak off to my friend’s bathroom to use her hair dryer to dry my shirt. Horrible. Then I found SweatBlock. Last night was the first time I applied it, and I have to say, I am INCREDIBELY impressed!! Today, I have been dry and comfortable. I genuinely feel that I can enjoy my clothes again, and not feel like I have to wear a sweater or jacket all the time to hide my sweaty shirt. Thus making the problem worse. Thank you for your amazing product."
★★★★★ Carly B., South Dakota, USA, 01/29/2012
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