Everything you ever wanted to know about sweating. Why, How, Whatever…

It’s time to accept that sweating is just an everyday part of our lives. Humans sweat, animals sweat, and yes, even celebrities sweat. Here are just some fun tidbits about this sometimes unpleasant, and slightly embarrassing, human function.

1. Men sweat 40% MORE than women

man sweating profusely
Here’s a cool fact: Women actually have more sweat glands on average than men, but still sweat less. Sorry, guys, it’s the truth. In recent studies on sweating patterns, researchers have found that when their subjects were under stress from high temperatures or an intense work out, regardless of what kind of shape they were in or how much body fat they had, men almost always beat out women in the sweat category. Why the unfairness? Women are just better sweaters. In other words, female bodies can evaporate sweat more efficiently on their skin which cools down the body without a ton of perspiration, unlike men.

2. The normal human being sweats around 278 gallons EACH year

278 gallons of sweat
This is said to be enough to fill up the gas tank of three mid-size SUVs. Maybe sweat should be the next alternative fuel. Instead of having to pay hundreds of dollars a year to fill up your car, you could just sweat it out at the gym a few times a week. It’s just the stench you’d have to deal with.

3. An estimated 360 million people worldwide suffer from “extreme” sweating

excessive sweating
Unfortunately, there are people who sweat excessively all the time and for absolutely no reason. This extreme sweat condition is called hyperhidrosis. People who suffer from hyperhidrosis often experience excessive underarm sweating, sweaty handshakes and other awkward sweating. This extreme sweat is notorious for sabotaging social life and causing depression in some.

3. In some Micronesian cultures, sweat is thought of as a WARRIORS ESSENCE

sweaty warriors
To drink such an essence, especially that of a fellow warrior, is considered a great honor. It’s a good thing America hasn’t picked up on this “great honor.”

4. Did you know that cows sweat through their noses?

cow sweat
It’s true. Dairy farmers often have to spray off their cows in order to cool them down in the summer. They say a comfortable cow is an economical cow.

5. Your feet have OVER 250,000 sweat glands.

feet sweat glands
That’s a lot. We have more sweat glands on our feet than on our backs. That nasty smell from your sweaty feet isn’t caused by sweat, at least not entirely. It’s the sweat loving bacteria that cause the unforgettable foot odor.

6. Hippo’s sweat blood

hippos sweat blood
Did you know that Hippos sweat blood? At least that what’s the ancient greeks used to believe. But modern science reveals that this red, blood-like substance is actually just sweat. Not to be confused with ordinary sweat, Hippo sweat is infused with sun-blocking and bacteria killing powers.

7. Pigs can’t actually “Sweat like pigs” – Only us humans 😉

Sweat like a pig
Pigs don’t sweat that well or that much. They have to bathe in mud to cool their bodies down. The saying is thought to have come from the way pigs actually smell, instead of how they sweat. I think it originated from that guy at the gym who literally showers his “essence” on the treadmill and walks away without wiping up. Can you be more “piggy”?

8. Horses have armpits that sweat like humans

horse head
No joke. Aside from humans, horses are one of the few other mammals that regulate their body temperature through sweat. Here’s another cool fact: A soap like protein called latherin is found in a horse’s sweat and helps spread the sweat over their coat to maximize the evaporation of water to cool them down. I’m just glad my body sweat doesn’t have a soap like consistency after I go to the gym…

9. Swedish scientist have created a delicious beverage machine that dispenses freshly secreted sweat… mmm.

swedish sweat machine
The “sweat machine” works by sucking the moisture out of sweaty clothing and purifies it enough to drink. In case you aren’t sweaty enough to try out this fascinating machine, there is an exercise bike attached to get your sweat glands working. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

10. Humans can sweat blood

sweat blood
It’s a rare condition called Hematohidrosis. Hematidrosis is a condition in which capillary blood vessels that feed the sweat glands rupture, causing them to discharge blood, occurring under conditions of extreme physical or emotional stress. This condition is so rare, not many cases have been recorded. Leonardo Da Vinci described a soldier who sweated blood before battle. The phenomenon has also been observed in individuals condemned to execution, a case occurring during the London blitz, and in the case of a sailor, a storm coming.

11. Emotions can change the smell of your sweat

nervous sweating
Emotions trigger changes in the chemical makeup of your sweat. In an Austrian study, participants wore pads to collect their sweat while watching scary films on the first day, and then neutral films the next day. A second group of volunteers smelled the pads and were able to recognize which pads were worn during the thriller. This fouler smelling sweat is also known as stress sweat. Some of the most putrid and profuse sweat comes from high emotion, high stress situations. Word of advice, don’t take your hot date to a scary movie without using a strong antiperspirant.

12. Vegetarians have better smelling sweat

vegetarian sweat
This has to be one of the more important discoveries of the 21st century. I don’t know who thought of this study, but it did happen. Here’s how it all went down: Women judged the sweat smell of non-meat eating and carnivorous men. The results: These lucky females reported that the vegetarian men had more attractive smelling sweat.

Hence the saying… “mo’ veggies, mo’ ladies”

12 Bizarre Facts About Sweat

Is sweating good for you? Or… is it bad for you?

Does it help you lose weight? Release toxins? Or even attract the opposite sex?

In this article, we’ll explore the good, the bad, and a bit of the ugly side of sweat.

Let’s start with the Good Sweating

We’ve been helping people control unwanted, excessive sweat for over 10 years and we often get asked the question… “But aren’t you supposed to sweat?”

The answer: Yes. (but not always)

Normal sweating is certainly good. It’s the natural process by which your body cools itself during an intense workout or on a sweltering summer day.

When temperatures climb, your body signals your sweat glands and they work their magic; You perspire, your body cools, and you live to sweat another day.

Normal sweating can occur on hot days, during exercise, emotional stress, even when consuming your favorite spicy dish.

Are there additional benefits of sweating? It depends on who you ask. Many experts conclude that the cooling affect of sweating is its only redeeming quality.

However, natural wellness experts strongly disagree and argue that sweating has many health benefits. Here’s some popular theories on the benefits of sweating:

  • Healthy sweating clears pores helping the skin stay zit and pimple free
  • Normal sweating can help protect against germs and bacteria.
  • Some studies suggest that sweating produced from intense exercise can reduce the risk of kidney stones.
  • According to researchers at UC Berkeley, pheromones found in male sweat can raise Cortisol hormone levels in women. Cortisol is connected with arousal, stress and brain activation. In other words… more sweat = more ladies 😉 or is it… more sweat = more stress?

Now that we’ve established that sweat isn’t just for the stink, let’s explore the potential downside to sweating…

Can Sweating Be Bad For You?

Not all sweating is good. Excessive or abnormal sweating can be a sign of other health problems and the source of some extremely embarrassing social interactions.

We’re all familiar with the ugly side of sweat: sweat tacos, armpit stains, funky body odor, sweaty handshakes, awkward hugs, flattering back sweat, etc…

Here are some not-so-obvious signs that good sweating has gone bad…

  • Acidic sweat
  • Fatty, stinky sweat
  • Salty sweat
  • Fishy, smelly sweat
  • Unusually stinky sweat
  • Excessive sweat or hyperhidrosis
  • Sweat that’s gone “AWAL”

Can you do anything about bad sweat?

Yes, there are some things you can do to improve your sweat health, but it’s always best to consult with your doctor if you feel your sweat is abnormal or excessive.

Here’s a few tips to help deal with bad sweat:

Acidic Sweat : Acidic sweat can indicate an acid imbalance in your body. When your body has too much acid it can pass the excess acid through your sweat glands causing acidic sweat. Eating high alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables can help. Avoiding sugars, sodas, and caffeine can also reduce the acid in your body.

Fatty, stinky Sweat : This kind of sweating can indicate high stress in your life. Stress sweat is often produced by your apocrine glands which are only found in your armpits. This sweat tends to carry fat and protein that can mix with bacteria and add a not-so-sweet aroma to your underarms. Find ways to calm down, destress, and relax to reduce this kind of sweating.

Salty Sweat : Stingy, salty sweat can indicate a low sodium diet. Strange as it seems, adding a bit of salt to your diet and some electrolytes may help tame your salty sweat.

Fishy, Smelly Sweat : Fish flavored sweat can indicate a rare and extremely inconvenient problem called Fish Odor Syndrome or Trimethylaminuria. Unfortunately we don’t have any tips to offer here. It’s best to consult with your doctor about possible antibiotics, soaps or special diet recommendations that may help.

Unusually Stinky Sweat : If strong smelling sweat makes frequent visits to your underarms it’s worth looking at your diet. Foods like garlic, stinky cheese, onions, cabbage and fried foods can rise again in the form of dangerously potent body odor. Eliminating certain foods from your diet may help reduce unfavorable odors. Here’s a great article on foods that make you sweat and another helpful article that explores the foods that can reduce sweating.

Excessive Sweating or Hyperhidrosis : If you feel like you’re sweating too much or sweating more than usual, you might have hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive sweating even when temperatures, stress/emotional levels, and physical activity are low. In other words, you sweat a lot and for no apparent reason. While hyperhidrosis isn’t life-threatening, it can be extremely embarrassing. Treatments for hyperhidrosis include botox, medications, microwaving your sweat glands, and in more severe cases surgery. But the most economical and effective treatment is a strong clinical strength antiperspirant.

No Sweat : Lack of sweat is not a good thing. This can indicate that sweat glands are no longer functioning properly due to nerve damage, skin damage or other disorders. This condition is known as Hypohidrosis (not hyper) or anhidrosis. If sweat glands are no longer producing sweat, you could be in danger of overheating or heat stroke.

If you have any concerns about your sweating, it’s always best to consult with a doctor about possible treatments and underlying medical conditions that may be influencing your bodies natural sweating.

Article sources and other helpful links to learn more about healthy sweating:


Swimsuit weather is upon us and all the late night snacking, holiday feasting, and festive binging is catching up. Our clothes are fitting tighter and we’ve suddenly developed a fear of mirrors and reflective surfaces. All this fretting soon turns to excessive sweating.

To help you turn that nervous sweat into butt-busting, fat-burning, feel amazing sweat — we’ve compiled a list of sweaty exercises that will have you dripping calories and sweat after just 30 minutes.

1. Bikram Yoga

Ah, the mother of all sweat inducing exercises, bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga, is unique in that instructors walk you through all of the normal postures; however, the room temperature ranges between 90 and 105 degrees with a humidity of about 40%. Burning about 350 calories per 30-minute session, hot yoga will make you sweat just thinking about it.

2. Tabata

This high-intensity Japanese exercise regimen is all about bang for your buck. Summarized as the four-minute workout, Tabata promotes short 20-second bursts of maximum exertion, separated by 10 second rests, for the span of just four minutes. It may sound easy enough but when you string together a series of well-executed Tabata sessions, you will surely shed some sweat as you burn between 800 and 950 calories in just 28 minutes!

3. Spin Class

Although taking a leisurely stroll on a bike can get the heart racing, a spin class is a whole new cycling experience with sweaty results. While stationary bikes can get monotonous, a spin class typically has intense instructors, lively music and fun visualization effects that make for a more interactive experience that will burn about 400–500 calories in a 40-minute session.

4. Vinyasa Yoga

It may not be as extreme as hot yoga but vinyasa yoga, also known as flow yoga, is a dynamic form of the trendy exercise that almost appears to be a dance because each posture is “connected” to the other by a fluid motion – no resting intervals in between. Because of the never-rest mentality, perspiration is a common theme as the graceful movements can burn roughly 250 calories per half-hour.

5. Running – No Speed Walking! ????

Enough with the fancy forms of exercise – simply going for a run is enough to get the blood flowing and the sweat pouring. In fact, although everyone burns calories at a different rate, depending on weight and revolutions, it’s pretty typical to burn about 10 calories per minute in most standard cardio exercises such as running. To up the ante, if you’re looking to sweat more than normal, try running outdoors during a southern summer!

6. Kickboxing

Though most of the participants aren’t necessarily training for a title bout in The Octagon, Kickboxing has become a very popular activity for those looking to get in shape. This full body workout is jazzercise on steroids, as it requires balance, coordination and grit. In total, one can burn up to 440 calories and shed enough sweat to fill a small fishing pond.

7. Stair Climbing… Like a boss

If simply going for a run isn’t enough to make you drip, climbing on a stair-stepper is another of the more standard cardio exercises that will help you push the perspiration pace. Due to the elevation changes and the sensation of hiking as opposed to running, a 180-pound person can burn about 380 calories per half hour on the StairMaster.

8. Racquetball

If running in one direction for 30 minutes isn’t your idea of fun, try sprinting side to side, back and forth and diagonal in all directions. Yes, the fast-paced game of Racquetball is a highly interactive way to work up a major sweat and maybe even enjoy yourself while burning over 400 calories in 30 minutes.

9. Step Aerobics

A popular cardio exercise that is preferred by women everywhere is step aerobics – a fun way to dance to music while firming your legs, hips and buns. Though it might just look like a dance party from a distance, this exercise will definitely make you “glow” as you can burn about 400 calories per 30 minutes of fame.

10. Boot Camp

It’s obvious, when you name a workout regimen after an extreme military moment that separates the men from the boys, you’re going to sweat buckets. Designed to promote weight loss, gained strength and increased endurance, Boot Campers should always bring a towel as they stand to shed 350 calories per half-hour session.

It’s rarely a proud moment when we’re caught dripping with perspiration and soaking through our clothes in a sweaty mess of excessive sweating but it’s always more forgivable when it’s a professional athlete, entertainer or Hollywood superstar doing what they do best. Below is a list of celebrities that have left behind a sweat-stained article of clothing where, despite the funk, fans have still paid big dollars to own the famous piece of perspiration.

1. Michael Jackson’s White Glove

Michael Jackson's Sweaty Gloves
The King of Pop has always been known for his flashy stage costumes but everyone would agree that Michael Jackson’s sparkling white glove is the “Holy Grail” of MJ swag. Not only has it been featured on many album covers but it has also graced the stages of stadiums across the world as Jackson wiggled and moonwalked himself into a sweaty mess. Although this piece was only expected to go for about $50,000 at an auction at the Hard Rock Café in New York City, this famous piece of sweaty cloth sold for over $300,000.

2. Marilyn Monroe’s White Dress

Marilyn Monroe's White Dress.
While this dress just looks like a bigger version of Michael Jackson’s white glove, rest assured, this isn’t some average old prom dress. In fact, this gown was previously worn by Marilyn Monroe and, as the tabloids would later reveal, it is the same dress that she wore when she made the entire room sweat as she sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to John F. Kennedy on his 45th birthday.

3. Slash’s Top Hat

Sweaty Slash.
When you think of the iconic figures that make up Guns n Roses, you can’t help but think of sex, drugs and sweaty rock n roll. Particularly with Slash, he was the epitome of rock with his mysteriously curly hair, exposed chest, cigarette dangling from his lip and that signature top hat that definitely saw its fair share of perspiration. To make this hat even more infamous, it was reportedly sold back to Slash for $50,000 after it was stolen from the back of his limo during the Grammys.

4. Babe Ruth’s World Tour Uniform

Babe Ruth Sweaty Jersey
Worn in 1934 during an off-season gaming stint around the world and in occasional exhibition games across the years, Babe Ruth’s World Tour Uniform is one of the most famous sporting uniforms in all of history. Although The Babe wasn’t necessarily known for his sweat inducing hustle on the field, it’s safe to say that his weight might have contributed to a sweaty moment or two in this jersey that sold for $771,000 at a public sale.

5. Dorothy Gale’s Ruby Red Slippers

Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers.
When you walk all the way from podunk Kansas to the Emerald City, skipping all along the way, your feet are bound to get a little gamy. Well, as cute as Judy Garland may have been, she was not immune to the laws of biology and her magical red slippers on the set of The Wizard of Oz certainly endured a little perspiration. Regardless, sweat and all, collector David Elkouby paid $666,000 for the movie set memorabilia in 2000.

6. Lou Gehrig’s Yankee Uniform

Lou Gehrig’s Yankee Uniform.
When you combine one of the most renowned players to ever play the game of baseball with the most infamous franchise in MLB history, you get a coveted piece of the past that people are willing to pay top-dollar to own. Yep, Lou Gehrig’s Yankee uniform from 1939 at one point sold for $451,541 and shows that even a sweat soaked piece of cloth can be worth more than most homes.

7. Darth Vader’s Costume

Darth Vader's Costume
Star Wars geeks everywhere would agree that the most famous piece of sweaty clothing in this universe and beyond has to go to Darth Vader’s Empire Strikes Back costume. Not only is it the most iconic outfit in all of Star Wars lore but also David Prowse personally perspired inside the black space suit to give it an extra dose of epic.

8. Gene Simmons’ Demon Boots

Gene Simmons' Demon Boots
When your music is influential enough to have your cult following coined as an army, you know your sweaty used clothes will be worth something someday. That said, Gene Simmons, the lead singer of Kiss, has a famous pair of Demon Boots that were worn during the Kiss Alive! tour in 1975-76. Today, this practical pair of kicks are valued at around $30,000.

9. Mickey Mantle’s Jersey

Mickey Mantle's Sweaty Jersey
While the other baseball memorabilia from above was sold as an entire uniform, a Mickey Mantle jersey from the 1950s has reportedly sold for $141,000 – just the jersey! Unlike the players in the league today, players back then only got two home and two away jerseys; therefore, much more of Mantle’s sweat has soaked into the fabric than a modern day jersey and can therefore sell for more.