Yes, we know, your diet isn’t causing your excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Your caffeine intake, however, could be aggravating your condition.

Caffeine works its magic by stimulating your central nervous system, giving you a bit of a jolt that gets you moving faster and thinking clearer. This jolt causes your adrenal glands to kick in, in much the same way as the “fight or flight” response does. Basically, your body responds to caffeine like it would respond to danger. As we’ll discuss later, this response stimulates the production of sweat on the palms, feet, and underarms.

Reducing or eliminating your caffeine intake won’t necessarily stop your excessive sweating, but chances are it will significantly lessen the amount of sweat produced by your apocrine glands (stinky sweat).

Quitting caffeine is tough. Withdrawal symptoms include fatigue, irritability, headache, and inability to concentrate. For this reason, it’s best to start reducing your intake on a weekend, or at a time when you won’t be required to be at your sharpest and speediest for a few days.

Five Simple Steps to De-Caffeinating

  1. Start small when quitting. If you drink (x) cups of coffee every day, take that down to (x-1) cups. Reduce your intake by a cup every week.
  2. Switch to a beverage with lower caffeine content, like green tea. A useful reference table for the caffeine content of popular drinks can be found here.
  3. To stave off potential withdrawal headaches, have a mild painkiller on hand. You’ll be less tempted to reach for the nearest buzz-bomb if you’ve got other means of pain management.
  4. Take a nap! Rather than fueling up on caffeine to fight afternoon sluggishness, grab a 20-minute power nap. A quick nap increases your focus and energy levels as well as any caffeinated drink can, all without straining your nervous system!
  5. While you fight caffeine dependency, be sure to stay hydrated. If you’re drinking one less cup of coffee, replace it with a glass of water. Make sure you take in as much water as you would be in the form of coffee or soda.