Is there a hyperhidrosis cure? 11 Hyperhidrosis Treatment Options

11 Best Hyperhidrosis Treatments For Excessive Sweating If you’re one of the roughly 8 million Americans who deal with excessive sweating (also known as hyperhidrosis), this article is for you. (1) Pssst… while we’re chatting about hyperhidrosis: Check out these Doctor Recommended products for excessive sweating! As you browse this list of hyperhidrosis treatments, you’ll learn about… […]

Aluminum Chloride : What is it? Can it Stop Sweating? Is it Safe?

Aluminum Chloride: 6 Things You Need To Know Table of Contents Do you suffer from excessive sweating? Hyperhidrosis, the official medical term for profuse sweating, affects millions here in the USA and around the world. Antiperspirants with aluminum chloride are the first line of defense against extreme sweating. There’s a lot of information floating around about […]

Is Antiperspirant Bad for You? Common Myths Explored and Debunked

Is Antiperspirant Bad For You? Common Myths Explored And Debunked Table of Contents You’ve heard the rumors. If you use (or have considered using) an antiperspirant containing aluminum chloride, you’re probably aware of the controversies. Is antiperspirant bad? Does it really cause cancer, alzheimer’s and kidney problems? Let’s take a few moments and separate fact from fiction. […]

Qbrexza Wipes : What You Should Know about Dermira’s New Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Qbrexza Wipes: What You Should Know About Dermira’s Hyperhidrosis Treatment Table of Contents The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved a prescription-only drug designed to treat axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive armpit sweating). This hyperhirosis medicine is called Qbrexza (or Qbrexza Cloth), and it is manufactured by Dermira. New hyperhidrosis treatments are encouraging and welcome. Let’s look at this newly approved […]

Looking for a prescription antiperspirant? Read this first!

Looking For a Prescription Antiperspirant? Read This First! Table of Contents When sweating reaches epic proportions, you need something more than pedestrian store-shelf antiperspirants. You need a heavy weight contender – a prescription, or prescription “strength” antiperspirant. Here’s your guide to prescription-only and clinical strength antiperspirants. What is prescription antiperspirant? As the name implies, prescription […]

Glycopyrrolate and Oxybutynin: The Pros and Cons of Two Popular Hyperhidrosis Medications

Glycopyrrolate And Oxybutynin: Pros And Cons Of Two Popular Hyperhidrosis Medications Table of Contents Glycopyrrolate and oxybutynin belong to a class of medications known as anticholinergic drugs, which are often used to treat excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis. In a general sense, anticholinergic medications block the neurotransmitter acetylcholine within the peripheral and central nervous systems. Essentially, […]

Iontophoresis Treatment for Hyperhidrosis: 19 Common Questions

Iontophoresis Hyperhidrosis Treatment : 19 Common Questions Table of Contents If you suffer from hyperhidrosis (also known as excessive sweating), you’ve likely heard of Iontophoresis. This unique hyperhidrosis treatment can be very effective in reducing the symptoms of hyperhidrosis. We won’t lie, iontophoresis is a bit odd. For this reason, we’ve made a list of the most […]