Tired of Sweating After Eating? Avoid These 8 Sweat Triggers

Table of Contents Have you ever wondered why a delicious meal or an afternoon snack are often followed by an unexplained PDES? (Public Display of Excessive Sweating). Sweaty armpits and clammy palms are just a few of the places this inconvenient sweat might rear it’s ugly head. Sweating after eating is annoying and embarrassing. It […]

Sweat Survival Tip : Avoid Stinky Foods to Avoid Stinky Sweat

Table of Contents Potent-smelling food sticks with you. If you suffer from excessive sweat, that cheddar-and-onion-burger-on-a-garlic-and-jalapeno-bun will rise again, in the form of dangerously potent body odor. While you might not smell exactly like the pungent food you enjoyed a few hours ago, the powerful aroma molecules which made your meal so smelly in the […]

Does Caffeine Make You Sweat More Than Normal?

Table of Contents Can caffeine make you sweat? Yes! After all, it is a stimulant. Although legal, the caffeine found in coffee and tea is still a drug, and it can make you sweat by speeding up the central nervous system (CNS). Pssst… while we’re chatting about sweat: These products will stop embarrassing sweat, guaranteed! ==> […]

Foods that Reduce Sweat, Tips to Stop Excessive Sweating

Do you sweat too much? If so, your diet may be to blame. In a past blog post, we highlighted which foods cause you to sweat… Now, we’ll cover some things you can add to your diet to help stop excessive sweating: 6 Foods That Can Help You Sweat Less Water With diet, one of the simplest […]

Why does spicy food make you sweat?

In this article… Have you ever wondered why you experience a sudden wave of sweating after indulging in a delicious plate of [insert favorite spicy food here? Why does spicy food make you sweat? Spicy foods contain a chemical called capsaicin. When consumed, this chemical fools your brain into thinking your body temperature is rising. […]