One of our new SweatBlock users blogged about the premature summer heat Chicago is experiencing and her annoying sweat fests. She adamantly stated that some women do not just perspire – they sweat! She writes that she has had to deal with “rivers of sweat” her entire life. While she is stuck in the house soaking up the A/C and hiding away in her sweat pools, those around her are enjoying the 80-degree weather. She became so desperate she started looking for any relief. That’s when she found SweatBlock.

In her last ditch effort to control her sweat she rubbed SweatBlock on her entire scalp and face, where her real sweat problem was. How did SweatBlock work for her? Here’s what she had to say about it:

“So last night I rub that sweat block wipe all over my face and head, and it may be a fluke, but I have not sweated a drop since….not even a night sweat…”

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I think it’s safe to say that it worked. If you want to be able to enjoy the sunshine and summer weather this year without being embarrassed by sweat marks and sweat rivers, try SweatBlock yourself and enjoy being sweat free!

To this Chicago blogger, we wish the best and hope that freedom from the oppressive sweat monster continues.

Full disclosure: SweatBlock was formulated and tested with the underarm in mind. We’re pleased to hear that it worked for this blogger’s scalp and face, and her story is similar to many other SweatBlock users, but you should always consult a physician when using SweatBlock outside it’s recommended usage. Due to body chemistry, results will vary.