Since we are in the business of helping people deal with sweat, we thought this article from would be a good one to share.

You can find the entire article here

Here are some highlights:

“Scientists asked volunteers to sniff both cotton and polyester T-shirts that healthy people had worn in an intense, hourlong spin class, but not until the sweaty shirts had “incubated” for 28 hours. (Letting the shirts stew gave bacteria time to break the fatty acids found in sweat down to the smaller, airborne molecules that make us stink.) After determining that the polyester shirts did, indeed, smell worse than the cotton ones, the researchers took a microscopic look at the fabric to determine why.”

So, don’t let you gym clothes sit and ripen after a hard work out. The reason is explained below:

“bacteria micrococci—the main culprit in turning sweat rank—grows much better on polyester than on cotton, likely because moisture is not absorbed, but rather stored, between synthetic fibers.”

Moral of the story: If you wear polyester gym clothes, make sure you wash them after each use as they will only get stinkier with time to spoil.

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