It’s no secret that sweating is somewhat synonymous with big stage appearances, but there are some performers that go above and beyond the norm. Below is a list of 9 perspiring performers and sweaty singers that have multiple talents; entertaining the masses and sweating profusely while doing so.

Robin Williams

Considering he always has a hoard of water bottles within arms reach, it’s safe to say that Robin Williams is well aware of his notorious problems with perspiration. While there aren’t any PG-rated videos of Robin Williams’ standup act to be found, a quick look at this reel of the spastic sounds and movements that he makes during his act is all the proof you’d need to be a believer – you might even start sweating yourself!

James Brown Excessive Sweating

James Brown

Speaking of spastic sounds and movements, James Brown is famous for two things: gyrating around the stage and dripping sweat while doings so. As one of the greatest funk singers of all time (if not THE greatest), Brown is a true entertainer.

Chris Farley

The pattern here would be spastic movement, however, famed comedian Chris Farley has a little extra weight that might add to his tendency to break a sweat. As a cast member of SNL, whether he’s a motivational speaker or a Chippendale’s dancer, we’ve all seen Chris Farley strut his sweaty stuff.

Louis Armstrong

The first step to recovery is recognizing that you have a problem. That said, notice in the very first moments of this video that Louis Armstrong already has a hanky in his hand and is prepared for the inevitable worst. Even though Armstrong will go down in history as a world-class trumpeter, singer and performer, you can safely put him on the list of sweaty stars.

Whitney Houston

Most women would argue that women don’t sweat, they glow. Well, despite all of those popular beliefs, we would argue that there is one woman that sweats profusely – Whitney Houston. A glamorous diva or not, because she’s visibly sweating before the song even starts, it’s clear that she’s equipped with both vocal pipes and water pipes.

Dave Matthews

Sure, it’s always hot under the lights of a stadium concert stage but Dave Matthews and his toe-tapping ditties tend to drum up a whole new level of perspiration. Heck, he even admits it himself! Check out the video below … if it’s difficult to hear, Dave says, “… have a good time … at least I know that I will sweat a lot this evening.”

Garth Brooks Heavy Sweating

Garth Brooks

Having made a living off of his high-energy performances, sprinting back and forth in his jeans and colored cowboy shirts, under the blast of pyrotechnics, Garth Brooks is a sweaty mess just about 10 minutes into his performances. Although he doesn’t allow live footage to be posted online, anyone who has seen a live show can tell you that A) it was the greatest live show they’ve ever seen and B) the man drips sweat like no other – but can you blame him?

Tom Wilson

Combining the talents of all of the above, Tom Wilson is a comedian that plays guitar and, more famously, played Biff on the Back to the Future series. In addition to his many other talents, Wilson has also been known to write haikus and break a sweat on stage – join the club Biff!

Lee Evans Sweating

Lee Evans

Best known as Tucker on the hit Ben Stiller film, There’s Something About Mary, Lee Evans is a British comedian that has made his mark as a shameless sweater. Although he wears a rather dapper suit, he works up a raging sweat as he paces the floor, crashes to the ground and flails his limbs all over the place.