Everyone sweats… even celebrities. And, every celebrity walks the red carpet. However, as most all celebrities know, they don’t want the two to mix, at any point in their career. These unfortunate few didn’t even need the paparazzi to catch them with a awkward sweat armpits.

1. Danny Bonaduce

sweaty pits celebrity
Danny Bonaduce takes the cake for weirdest sweat location on a man, as well as for strangest t-shirt. His under-manboob sweat proves just how much he sweats in the gym.

2. Jwoww from Jersey Sweaty Shore

embarrassing underarm sweating
One of ‘The Jersey Shore’ cast members caught sweating?! Say it ain’t so. Yet that’s just what happened when Jwoww decided a grey t-shirt was the best idea for a red carpet march, and probably regrets the decision (and the photo).

3. Cameron Diaz

awkward sweaty armpits
Cameron Diaz probably wishes she could photoshop the sweat from her brow (and armpit) in this not-so-flattering photo of her wearing a pretty pink dress. Hopefully next time she’ll choose black for a hot day!

4. Marc Anthony Sweats to Impress

excessive sweating moments
Marc Anthony wins points for most impressive sweat performance, sweating through not only a shirt, but also a jacket! Then again, between the layers and being married to Jennifer Lopez, who can blame him?

5. Nervous Sweater Jennifer Carpenter

inconvenient sweaty armpits
Jennifer Carpenter looks like she’s a bit nervous having to appear so close to her murderous (on-screen only, of course) and real-life ex-husband Michael C. Hall. Don’t worry Jennifer, you’ll eventually move on, although the unfortunate picture will remain…

6. Robert Pattinson Sweaty Pits

Annoying Sweating Pits
Robert Pattinson may want to pull that beanie off before any more photos are taken, especially if he’s so obviously too warm to be in one. Looks like it’s not just the female stars who’ll suffer for their outfit these days…

7. Victoria’s Sweaty Secret

profuse sweating celebrity
Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr looks like she needs to invest in some anti-perspirant instead of the perfume she’s holding. Maybe then she won’t have to worry about these photos being taken!

8. Halle the Shameless Sweater

coping with excessive sweat
Halle Berry is a modern day strong woman, and show’s it here with her ‘devil-may-care-about-my-sweat’ attitude. Ellen certainly didn’t mind, and in fact assisted in the clean up for Halle!

9. Juliette Lewis

juliette lewis sweaty underarms
Juliette Lewis really embraces her sweatiness here, even going so far as to show off the guns that have developed because of that sweat. Unfortunately, Juliette doesn’t realize that although we love her guns, we don’t love the sweat that comes with them!

10. Alicia Walks The Sweaty Carpet

underarm sweating problem
Alicia Keys probably wishes she hadn’t chosen to wave as this photo was snapped, proving that she too has a perspiration issue to contend with on the red carpet. Next time, just wear black Alicia!

11. The Hoff Gets Hassled by His Sweaty Pits

sweating like a hasselhoff
I’m sure ‘the Hoff’ never considered how much he’d be sweating when he put his shirt on in the morning. I’m sure, looking back, that he wishes he’d given it at least a little bit of thought. No one Hassles with the Hoff- except sweat!

12. Gerard Sweats in the Spotlight

gerard needs antiperspirant for embarrassing sweat
Gerard Butler gives the camera a classic pose, but didn’t take into account that his armpits are doing some winking of their own. I bet he wishes he’d remembered a strong antiperspirant that particular morning!