Black Friday is widely known as the craziest shopping day of the year – a time when stores slash prices and customers swarm in the early hours to be the first to reap the benefits. Sounds nice, but it can get ugly leaving you bruised and questioning how to stop sweating given the in-store battles you just encountered.

Knowing this, we’ve compiled a video gallery of some of the sweatiest moments in Black Friday history – a list of sketchy moments that had shoppers and employees alike breaking a nervous sweat.

1. Running with the Shoppers

Every year in Pamplona, Spain, thousands of people line up to run with the bulls where hundreds are inevitably injured – every year in the United States, we have Black Friday. Based on this clip, we think the employees would rather run with the bulls!

2. Piranha, TX

Have you ever seen a school of piranhas strip an animal carcass to the bone in a matter of seconds? Well, when it comes to Black Friday, American consumers have the same carnivorous capabilities. Just watch how fast these crock-pots go!

3. Words with Friends

In the early hours of Black Friday, competition is fierce and tempers are flaring – this verbal Battle Royale is just a snapshot of the widespread chaos. Check out this mother daughter duo!

4. The Shopper Stampede

It’s every man for him self and no holds barred as the shoppers breach the doors of this Wal-Mart and speed toward the Black Friday bargains that await. Unfortunately, humanity is lost and people are brutally trampled, including a preganant woman!

5. WWE Presents: Black Friday

While most of this video is utter chaos – a cell phone camera darting back and forth with blaring screams peaking out the speakers, it’s one of the sweatier moments in Black Friday history because you can clearly see one of the brawlers pick up a chair, with plans to use it as a weapon! Is this bargain shopping or the WWE?

6. Crashing Waves

This video doesn’t necessarily resort to violence like the rest of the bunch but it’s a great display of the masses that participate in the Black Friday festivities. Check out this crowd that gathers in front of a Macy’s store and watch them filter into the store like flowing water. We bet the employees broke a bit of a sweat as they saw the waves of consumers crashing upon them!

7. Tug of War

Filmed at a Wal-Mart in Racine, WI, this appears to be a fight over an Xbox 360 – a fight between multiple ravenous shoppers and even a small child. Shopping or a game of Tug of War? You decide.

8. Close Your Mouth

When Black Friday tempers flare beyond civility at a Target store, two groups of women are about to go at it until a store manager steps in to lay down the law – close your mouth!

9. Whoa, That was Close

You can’t blame this fellow for breaking a sweat! Caught at the bottom of a thunderous stampede, you can literally hear a man groaning in pain as shoppers trample over him in an effort to get through the doors. The funny part; he eventually pops up, takes a breather and then joins the rat race.

10. Piranha 2

Like a movie sequel that should have never been made, watch as this group of Black Friday shoppers literally pounce on the discounts and suck them dry. Wow, these people are moving so fiercely that they must be perspiring!

We hope you enjoyed this list of some of the sweatiest moments in Black Friday lore – may it be a reminder to keep your cool, even when the deals are hot.