SweatBlock Featured on Glamour.com

Recently, SweatBlock was featured on Glamour.com by writer Jeanette Zinno.

Thank you to Glamour.com and Jeanette for sending a little love our way.

Here’s a snippet:

One application of Sweat Block lasts for seven days. Plus, it actually works; I found myself caught up in a few sweaty situations, but my shirts stayed dry. Oh, and they’re great for traveling or to pop in your gym bag because they’re small and individually wrapped. Note: You still need to use your regular deodorant in addition to the towelettes.

You can read the entire write-up here

It’s always nice to be spoken kindly of by big time publications like glamour.com, but the real joy in this business is helping people overcome the embarrassment and anxiety associated with profuse sweating. SweatBlock can be a real life changer. You can read all the latest reviews here or on Amazon.com