Okay… so I’m exaggerating a little bit, but I did get your attention.

As human beings, we are attracted to the opposite sex for reasons we don’t understand. For years, scientists have been trying to understand the “law of attraction,” and have found some pretty strange reasons for why men are attractive to women. One of the reasons of attraction being that natural “manly smell.” I’m sure many of you ladies out there know what I’m talking about.

We all link people we know with a certain smell. Some smells are better than others, but in the end we all know people by their “natural” smell. When a girl is dating a guy, she will often base at least some of her attraction on the way he smells.

Various studies have found that a naturally occurring chemical in men’s sweat may act as a love magnet in attracting women. This particular chemical substance comes from the male’s sex hormone called testosterone. Scientists believe this chemical is a type of pheromone, called androstadienone, which can be found in fresh sweat from men. These pheromones act as chemical messengers within our body in almost the same way that hormones do.

So, fresh male sweat can be attractive to women? Yes. But, don’t confuse this with stale sweat, which never smells good. These pheromones are actually odorless, which means that stale smelly sweat or excessive sweating can over power those natural pheromones. Another interesting fact is that because this particular pheromone is odorless, this attraction subconsciously affects women.

Most don’t even smell anything. Cologne manufacturers actually add androstadienone to their fragrances in order to increase sexual attraction.

Now men, don’t go believing that you can come home after a long work out to your girl friend or wife and have them desperately want to be around you. It doesn’t really work that way. As we always tell our customers at SweatBlock, sweating is good. The body needs to sweat (we just don’t want it to show under your arms when it matters most). SweatBlock will not stop this process of emitting those “love magnet” pheromones because only 1% of your sweat glands are in your underarms, but it will help you stop the sweat patches under your arms.

The best way to let those pheromones have a chance is to make sure you manage the odor through decreasing excessive sweating, showering regularly, and using a deodorant in combination with SweatBlock That way, these attractive smelling pheromones have a chance to break through within your “natural smell,” which doesn’t have to be bad B.O.