If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, then you are probably familiar with all the little tricks to hide the spots, the antiperspirants to stop the sweat, and the home remedies that claim they will help with your excessive sweating. You are also probably familiar with feeling like nothing is bringing you the needed and wanted results. You’ve probably become a skeptic of products that claim to help treat excessive sweating. We know. That is why we are excited to get testimonials from skeptics that we have proved wrong. Here is one of those skeptics that has tried and tested SweatBlock and has been amazed with the results. Sara from Wisconsin writes:

“I used Sweat Block a week ago yesterday, and even though I’m past 1 week since my last application, I haven’t had any sweat spots! I used it on a Wednesday instead of Sunday, as I had a big event to go to that weekend, and I was AMAZED that I didn’t sweat AT ALL. I’m one of those who sweats when I’m out in freezing temperatures, and I felt like I had tried everything! I used Drysol, took pills, wore sweatshirts all the time, stuck to mostly black clothes, etc. I was pretty skeptical, but figured anything is worth a shot. You really proved me wrong! Thank you!”

So, if products that promise results and don’t deliver have made you a skeptic, we’d like you to put our product to the test. Don’t just take our word for it (or even Sara’s). Try SweatBlock today and become sweat free.