For those just coming up to speed, Hyperhidrosis is defined as a condition where individuals sweat more than what is necessary to properly cool the body and regulate temperature. This excessive sweating most often occurs in the underarms, hands, feet, groin, face, but can also occur under the breasts, on the back, and buttocks.

If excessive sweating occurs even in moderate or cold temperatures, it could likely be diagnosed as Hyperhidrosis.

Bottom Line:

If you feel like you sweat more than what is necessary, Hyperhidrosis may be the cause.

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Statistics: Hyperhidrosis by the Numbers:

  • An estimated 3% of the entire global population suffer from Hyperhidrosis
  • An estimated 211 million people worldwide are affected by Hyperhidrosis
  • Many experts estimate that more than 3% suffer from Hyperhidrosis, but many of not consulted a physician or is underreported.
  • There are about 4-5 Million sweat glands on human body
  • A well-acclimated person can sweat up to 4 liters per hour to maintain thermal homeostasis (healthy body temperature)
  • 60% of US adults would be embarrassed by visible underarm perspiration stains
  • 58% of US adults would be more embarrassed by unsightly underarm sweat marks than by acne or obesity
  • Women are more embarrassed by underarm sweat than men are

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