It’s rarely a proud moment when we’re caught dripping with perspiration and soaking through our clothes in a sweaty mess of excessive sweating but it’s always more forgivable when it’s a professional athlete, entertainer or Hollywood superstar doing what they do best. Below is a list of celebrities that have left behind a sweat-stained article of clothing where, despite the funk, fans have still paid big dollars to own the famous piece of perspiration.

1. Michael Jackson’s White Glove

Michael Jackson's Sweaty Gloves
The King of Pop has always been known for his flashy stage costumes but everyone would agree that Michael Jackson’s sparkling white glove is the “Holy Grail” of MJ swag. Not only has it been featured on many album covers but it has also graced the stages of stadiums across the world as Jackson wiggled and moonwalked himself into a sweaty mess. Although this piece was only expected to go for about $50,000 at an auction at the Hard Rock Café in New York City, this famous piece of sweaty cloth sold for over $300,000.

2. Marilyn Monroe’s White Dress

Marilyn Monroe's White Dress.
While this dress just looks like a bigger version of Michael Jackson’s white glove, rest assured, this isn’t some average old prom dress. In fact, this gown was previously worn by Marilyn Monroe and, as the tabloids would later reveal, it is the same dress that she wore when she made the entire room sweat as she sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to John F. Kennedy on his 45th birthday.

3. Slash’s Top Hat

Sweaty Slash.
When you think of the iconic figures that make up Guns n Roses, you can’t help but think of sex, drugs and sweaty rock n roll. Particularly with Slash, he was the epitome of rock with his mysteriously curly hair, exposed chest, cigarette dangling from his lip and that signature top hat that definitely saw its fair share of perspiration. To make this hat even more infamous, it was reportedly sold back to Slash for $50,000 after it was stolen from the back of his limo during the Grammys.

4. Babe Ruth’s World Tour Uniform

Babe Ruth Sweaty Jersey
Worn in 1934 during an off-season gaming stint around the world and in occasional exhibition games across the years, Babe Ruth’s World Tour Uniform is one of the most famous sporting uniforms in all of history. Although The Babe wasn’t necessarily known for his sweat inducing hustle on the field, it’s safe to say that his weight might have contributed to a sweaty moment or two in this jersey that sold for $771,000 at a public sale.

5. Dorothy Gale’s Ruby Red Slippers

Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers.
When you walk all the way from podunk Kansas to the Emerald City, skipping all along the way, your feet are bound to get a little gamy. Well, as cute as Judy Garland may have been, she was not immune to the laws of biology and her magical red slippers on the set of The Wizard of Oz certainly endured a little perspiration. Regardless, sweat and all, collector David Elkouby paid $666,000 for the movie set memorabilia in 2000.

6. Lou Gehrig’s Yankee Uniform

Lou Gehrig’s Yankee Uniform.
When you combine one of the most renowned players to ever play the game of baseball with the most infamous franchise in MLB history, you get a coveted piece of the past that people are willing to pay top-dollar to own. Yep, Lou Gehrig’s Yankee uniform from 1939 at one point sold for $451,541 and shows that even a sweat soaked piece of cloth can be worth more than most homes.

7. Darth Vader’s Costume

Darth Vader's Costume
Star Wars geeks everywhere would agree that the most famous piece of sweaty clothing in this universe and beyond has to go to Darth Vader’s Empire Strikes Back costume. Not only is it the most iconic outfit in all of Star Wars lore but also David Prowse personally perspired inside the black space suit to give it an extra dose of epic.

8. Gene Simmons’ Demon Boots

Gene Simmons' Demon Boots
When your music is influential enough to have your cult following coined as an army, you know your sweaty used clothes will be worth something someday. That said, Gene Simmons, the lead singer of Kiss, has a famous pair of Demon Boots that were worn during the Kiss Alive! tour in 1975-76. Today, this practical pair of kicks are valued at around $30,000.

9. Mickey Mantle’s Jersey

Mickey Mantle's Sweaty Jersey
While the other baseball memorabilia from above was sold as an entire uniform, a Mickey Mantle jersey from the 1950s has reportedly sold for $141,000 – just the jersey! Unlike the players in the league today, players back then only got two home and two away jerseys; therefore, much more of Mantle’s sweat has soaked into the fabric than a modern day jersey and can therefore sell for more.