You could have 99 problems, and excessive face sweating ain’t one of them…or, your face sweat could be making your life an embarrassing nightmare and those other 99 problems don’t matter. If you are constantly wiping your brow and/or carry your own hand towel around to wipe the constant wet off your face, you could have craniofacial hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating of the head, face or scalp.

1 in 10 who suffer from hyperhidrosis experience excessive sweat specifically on the face or head.

While any form of hyperhidrosis can be a real problem, facial sweat can be one of the worst offenders because your face is hard to hide and the first thing people see when they meet you.

If you find yourself dodging social situations because you are embarrassed by the constant drip coming off your face, you may want to check in with your doctor sooner than later. A severe case of face sweating (aka hyperhidrosis) can be a side affect of more serious health conditions.

What Cuases Facial Hyperhidrosis?

We’re all blessed with unique body chemistry. One individual may experience facial hyperhidrosis for very specific medical reasons and another for absolutely no reason at all. When face or head sweating is unexplainable and not connected to any medical problem or medication, it’s considered primary hyperhidrosis. If facial sweat can be directly tied to a medical condition, this type of sweating is considered secondary hyperhidrosis.

It’s important to know the difference in order to determine your best plan of action for treating facial hyperhidrosis.

Although we can’t provide you with the exact reason for your sweat situation, we can share a few tips and possible treatments to help stop face sweating and facial hyperhidrosis.

1. Headband or Bandana

This  may be the easiest solution for your sweaty head problem. You’ll see this used often times by chefs on shows like Hell’s Kitchen and The Next Food Network Star (anyone remember Jeff Mauro?). Obviously, these guys know how to treat sweaty foreheads because they wouldn’t have a job if their sweat ended up in their food. You never know, you could just start the next fashion trend. Not ready to step into the world of sweat bands? Maybe one of these other solutions would be better for you.

2. Antiperspirant

If you suffer from primary hyperhidrosis face sweating, a topical antiperspirant may do the trick. Testing the antiperspirant on a small area of skin is highly recommended (some antiperspirants can cause itching, burning or skin irritation). Facial antiperspirants do exist, but we could hardly recommend one here due to poor quality and customer feedback. If you find one that works, please let us know.

Need a place to start? Try SweatBlock Antiperspirant. Although it wasn’t originally formulated to treat facial and head sweat, we’ve been surprised by the positive feedback from SweatBlock customers who’ve used it for just that.

Sonya from Alabama, sent us this surprising feedback…

“I don’t perspire, I sweat – profusely. After several different doctors saying there was nothing I could do, one dermatologist suggested antiperspirant on my face… I began searching online and found SweatBlock. Football season was about to begin (in 106 degree temps) and I needed help fast. I ordered the double boxes. I know [SweatBlock] is not recommended for your face, but I tried it anyway. IT WORKED! For the first time in 45 years, I was able to go out in the hot sun and be fine. Good friends, who knew my situation, even commented on how dry my face was. I love this product. It has given me something that no other product in the world has – a dry face.”

SweatBlock won’t work for every case of facial sweat, but when it does, it’s “game-changing”. Try it. If it doesn’t work, it’s free.

3. Medication

Anticholinergic drugs are commonly prescribed for those who suffer from facial hyperhidrosis because they block the messages sent by your nervous system to your sweat glands and therefore reduce sweat production. There are a few things to take note with this solution. One, these types of drugs come with a whole bunch of side effects including, but not limited to: dry mouth, constipation, impaired vision, and urinary retention. If that doesn’t put you in a good mood, maybe this will: anticholinergic drugs work to reduce sweating in all areas of the body, not just on the face, which could lead to your body overheating. So, while this may sound like an easy solution, you may find that the side effects outway the benefits.

4. Iontophoresis

During iontophoresis, a medical device is used to pass a mild electrical current through water using pads for the face through the skin’s surface. This process has to be done 2-3 times a week until the amount of sweating decreases. There are no significant or serious side effects and the benefits can be long-term, if you keep up with the maintenance schedule your doctor recommends, which is usually once per week. If you have that kind of time and money, this could be a possible solution for you.

5. Botox

For excessive face sweat, you may have to turn to botox. Using a very fine needle, your doctor injects the Botox solution directly into the targeted facial areas. A topical anesthetic cream may be applied to your skin to deaden the pain of having needles stuck in your face. These injections temporarily block the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate sweat glands, which is why it works for excessive sweaters. These Botox injections only last about 4-6 months, which means you’ll be seeing a lot of those very fine needles. You’ll want to make sure you find someone who is very skilled in Botox injections to perform the procedure, otherwise you could be dealing with asymmetry in the forehead from Botox entering your facial muscles.

6. Surgery

For extreme cases facial hyperhidrosis, you can get surgery. The procedure is called Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathectomy (try saying that 3 times fast). After reading a few articles about the procedure, it sounds pretty serious when anesthesia is involved and “destroying nerves through the vertebral column”, not to mention risks that include death and irreversible nerve damage. If you’d like to get more details, go ahead and google it. It’s sure to make a fascinating Friday night read.

We’ll keep adding to this list as we find better ways to combat facial sweating and hyperhidrosis. In the meantime, check out this article on how to stop embarrassing sweat.