Are Unicorns real? Maybe.

Do aliens exist? Probably.

Is there an antiperspirant that can keep you dry for an entire week? I thought we were having a serious conversation here. Of course there isn’t … or is there? (cue creepy music)

Lucky for us, Cheryl Wischhover at FASHIONISTA decided to put this crazy antiperspirant theory to the test.

The Test: Pit SweatBlock (a clinical strength antiperspirant) against daily workouts, showers, sweltering subways and sunny soccer games for an entire week.

The results are shocking. We’ve provided some highlights below…

“Here’s what happened when I used SweatBlock for a week, through multiple hot subway rides, workouts and showers”

DAY 1: “I worked on my computer most of the morning, then I went for a three-mile run in the hot sun. While I could feel myself sweating elsewhere, my pits stayed dry. I took a shower then walked to and from my kids’ school to pick them up. Dry the whole day.”

DAY 2: “I did an hourlong high intensity interval training class. My pits were sweat and stink-free during and after the class. I showered and ran errands on foot around NYC for the rest of the day. Dry!

DAY 3: “I went for a 2.5 mile run in the sun, then sat in the sun for an hour watching a soccer game. I felt mildly sticky but not swampy. Bottom line? Pits still dry.”

3 days of dry. It’s a good start. But still a long way from 7 days! Let’s see how this antiperspirant performed the other 4 days…

DAY 4: “I did a morning workout at Tone House after a sticky commute on the subway there and back. I was afraid that it was starting to fail, because there was a bit of stickiness intermittently throughout the day. After a shower, though, I was dry the rest of the day.

DAY 5: “I cleaned out my closet in my stuffy apartment and was definitely getting a bit sticky and ripe, though nowhere near my usual level of disgustingness. To prevent any sort of odor, I used a swipe of Soapwalla’s lovely natural deodorant cream for some freshness (it doesn’t contain any aluminum — I wanted to see this through for the whole seven days, but this was a small cheat).”

How about day 6 and 7?

DAY 6: “I ran around to appointments, went to the office and took multiple trips on the subway. I showered twice this day (morning and evening), but was still mostly weirdly dry.

DAY 7: “I went to SoulCycle and after that decided it was time to reapply my Secret. But I think I could have stretched it out one more day.”

The Results:

So, is there an antiperspirant that can last a week? Is that antiperspirant SweatBlock?

The results are in…

After 7 days, SweatBlock kept Cheryl dry. She finishes by saying she’s not ready to ditch her daily-use deodorant/antiperspirant for SweatBlock, but that she’ll definitely use it when she is on stage on an expert panel discussion for her upcoming conference.

Some people sweat enough that they need SweatBlock to keep them confident through the normal daily routine. Some people use SweatBlock on stage, on camera, or when they are in the spotlight.

Some people use it because it is literally the only thing that will help them eliminate embarrassing sweaty armpits.

Well, it depends if you are wearing SweatBlock or not.

One of our newly converted customers (Mourad S.) wanted to see just how far he could push SweatBlock before it gave out on him. After running SweatBlock through the proverbial wringer and even sitting in a sauna, he wasn’t able to get SweatBlock to give out on him.

Here’s his exact statement:

“This is an amazing product. At first I didn’t think that it would work, yet after numerous tests of physical activity and even sitting in a sauna with a shirt and a pair of jeans on, it kept my under arms cool, and dry. I highly recommend this product. I am also considering investing into this product because of how well this works. This NEEDS to be seen and used Nation Wide, maybe even World Wide.”

We are always excited to hear about customers getting the results they are looking for. And, although SweatBlock was never intended to stop a fully clothed man from sweating in a sauna, we’re not surprised.

Thanks Mourad!

Jessica Baumgardner, a contributor for MSN Glo, published an article today titled “Inside Job – 6 Fast Fixes for Office Beauty Emergencies” that featured SweatBlock Antiperspirant as solution for embarrassing underarm perspiration. Here is an excerpt:

Everybody sweats, but it’s still a huge embarrassment when you look like post-workout Rocky in your silk blouse. “I have a teenage son, so I’m an expert on this subject,” says Douglas. “I have tried everything and the only thing that works is SweatBlock. It’s a clinical strength antiperspirant in a pre-soaked towelette that you blot under your arms before bed. The sweat is gone for one week!” If you have sensitive skin, just be sure to test a patch of skin before using.

Here’s a link to the entire article on MSN Glo: “6 Fast Fixes for Office Beauty Emergencies”

SweatBlock has been featured on the Rachael Ray Show, The Today Show, a show hosted by a medical expert that rhymes with “Doctor Jaws” (we promised we wouldn’t say his name), Good Day LA, and several other local TV programs. Every time we receive this type of recognition we are flooded with emails from new customers thanking us for giving them the freedom from embarrassing sweat and the comfort they have been hoping for. Here is one that just came in:

Brittany from Kentucky wrote the following on 9/13/2013:

This is the only product out of many that I have tried that has actually worked. I love it. I never have to worry about sweating when we are out anymore and theres no more sweat stains on my clothes. This is a wonderful product and it has helped me have more confidence in myself I highly reccomend it to my friends.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, then you are probably familiar with all the little tricks to hide the spots, the antiperspirants to stop the sweat, and the home remedies that claim they will help with your excessive sweating. You are also probably familiar with feeling like nothing is bringing you the needed and wanted results. You’ve probably become a skeptic of products that claim to help treat excessive sweating. We know. That is why we are excited to get testimonials from skeptics that we have proved wrong. Here is one of those skeptics that has tried and tested SweatBlock and has been amazed with the results. Sara from Wisconsin writes:

“I used Sweat Block a week ago yesterday, and even though I’m past 1 week since my last application, I haven’t had any sweat spots! I used it on a Wednesday instead of Sunday, as I had a big event to go to that weekend, and I was AMAZED that I didn’t sweat AT ALL. I’m one of those who sweats when I’m out in freezing temperatures, and I felt like I had tried everything! I used Drysol, took pills, wore sweatshirts all the time, stuck to mostly black clothes, etc. I was pretty skeptical, but figured anything is worth a shot. You really proved me wrong! Thank you!”

So, if products that promise results and don’t deliver have made you a skeptic, we’d like you to put our product to the test. Don’t just take our word for it (or even Sara’s). Try SweatBlock today and become sweat free.