Being nervous is one thing, sweating your guts out at the same time only compounds the stress you’re feeling at that moment. Many situations can trigger your nerves and sweat glands. You can identify such situations easily, just think about what makes you sweat more–-scary movies? Parties? Meetings? Public Speaking? Antique shopping? Dates? Whatever it is that gets your glands going, that’s what you’re going to be focusing on here.

To beat nervous sweat, you need to understand it. Nervous sweat is the result of your body fooling itself into thinking it’s in danger. In many instances (holding hands with opposite sex, job interviews, etc…) it’s quite the opposite. Managing those sweat-inducing stressors is key to conquering your nervous sweat.

To manage your specific stressors, you’re going to trick your body into thinking they’re no big deal. It’s not difficult, the body’s easy to trick. You’ll actually be de-tricking it out of panic mode. To accomplish this de-trickery, follow these four steps when you find yourself under pressure:


When you know ahead of time that you’re going to be in a stressful situation (i.e. going on a date, attending a party, delivering a presentation), you have the advantage. Study your thoughts regarding the situation–ask yourself what you have to be nervous about. Don’t answer “the meeting” or “failure”, be specific. Become aware of what it is you’re truly worried about, then write it down. You will find that establishing the source of your stress and putting it in words will provide the clarity you need to manage the situation instead of fretting over it. Once you’ve established the source of your stress, practice the meditation techniques described above to prepare your mind for the situation.


Tell yourself to breathe. Your body usually takes care of this one automatically, but in the midst of an adrenaline rush you may find yourself breathing harder and faster. Taking a slow, deep breath tells your body that it’s not in any sort of danger, that you are calm and relaxed. To get the most out of this exercise, inhale deeply and slowly through your nose, hold the breath for three seconds, then exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat this ten times.


Don’t get caught up in all the worst-case scenarios and “what if…” moments that stress puts you through. If you do, you’ll end up sweating over those instead of the situation itself. Keep your focus where it belongs, on the task at hand. Chances are, the task itself isn’t nearly as stressful without all those hypothetical disasters that come to mind while you do it.


If you start to sweat, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to add another layer of worry to the worry-cake which induced the sweating in the first place. Push the sweat from your mind for the time being–not doing so is likely to result in more sweat so do your best to focus on anything else (bonus points for focusing on your breathing!) while you calm down.

At SweatBlock, we’re all about helping achieve confidence through stopping the embarrassing effects of excessive underarm sweating. But, we know that stopping sweat is just a “part of the balanced breakfast” when it comes to building self-confidence. So here are 10 easy life hacks to help boost your self-confidence:


When we are groomed, fresh, clean-shaven, hair-styled, etc., we tend to feel better about ourselves. It’s a simple step that is the foundation of an confident self image. Most people already have this one mastered, but if you don’t. Git er’ done.


When you love what you are wearing, you feel great. Have you ever seen a 3 year old in a Spiderman costume? You have to hold them back from jumping off the balcony. They feel invincible. Same applies for dressing for success. You’ll feel more confident


Expect great things instead of the worst possible outcome. See greatness instead of folly. Think positively and reject negative thoughts. Not only will you feel more confident, you’ll be find that it is contagious.


We tell ourselves everyday that it can’t be done, the WE cannot do it. Take the step to conquer that idea, by taking action. Challenge your self-imposed limitations by taking positive actions to overcome.


Do your homework. Get educated. Pay the price. The time you spend preparing will always pay off.


You have great things to say. Say them more slowly. (somewhere in between the turtle and the rabbit) It’s shows confidence and poise. Speaking too fast demonstrates weakness. (unless the house is of fire)


Scientifically proven to help you feel better. Infectious and inviting. Just try it. You’ll like it.


Literally, stand tall and confident. There is power in posture. Square your shoulders. Straighten your neck. One of the world’s best athletes uses posture for power. Watch Ronaldo take free kicks.


Tell the people you love, the people you work with, the people you socialize with that you are grateful for what they do. You’ll feel good and so will they.


With nothing to hide, you can truly be confident. Live honestly. Work honestly. Play honestly. The truth gives you all sorts of confidence to be the best you.

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