For every successful marriage proposal there are a handful of embarrassingly awkward, funny marriage proposals. For your entertainment, we’ve compiled a list of the most sweat-inducing, awkward marriage proposals on the interwebs.

1. The Ellen DeGeneres “No”

In front of a live studio audience and 2.74 million viewers at home, this brave young lover put his heart on the line, live on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Unfortunately, the romantic gesture fell on deaf ears and made for an extra sweaty moment for the guy, the girl and the audience that witnessed, first-hand, awkwardness defined.

2. Food Court Proposal Fail

This young Romeo should have known that his odds of success would decrease exponentially when he chose the food court as the setting for his proposal, however, in his defense, we were all surprised to see that the Neil Diamond serenade didn’t assist in sealing the deal.

3. Baseball Game Proposal Gone Bad

Either the Twins were losing big-time or it was the 7th inning stretch but with all eyes on the public proposal, instead of the game, this feisty female fan gives a whole new meaning to America’s Favorite Pastime… by that we mean she passes.

4. Kiss Cam CasaNova

When the kiss cam goes around any arena, it’s always nice to see couples, young and old, showing their love and affection for each other. In this case, however, this young Casanova passes up a kiss and goes for gold – maybe he should have just taken that kiss. Good thing he wore black!

5. Houston, We Don’t Have Liftoff

When you’re a Houston Rockets fan, you don’t have a lot to cheer for so, when a marriage proposal takes place at mid-court during halftime, you’d like to see SOMETHING go well that night. Well, sorry to disappoint, but let’s just say that the players weren’t the only ones who broke a sweat during their brutal loss at home.

6. Mosh Pit Mood Killer

Departing from sports for a second, here’s a brave young lover that takes the initiative to propose to his girl at a rock concert. Unfortunately, the sweaty atmosphere of Ruff ‘n’ Tumble mosh pit must not be the best “mood setter” because his Big Question is a big failure.

7. Shot on Goal… Denied

Ever heard the term, The International Language of Love? Well, in this clip, you don’t necessarily need to understand the language to recognize the noun rejection (r-jkshn). Even in what appears to be chilly weather, this dude must be sweating profusely after that blocked attempt on goal.

8. Smile… You’re Rejected on Camera!

We’ll never know why these men insist upon asking for their woman’s hand (before getting her pre-approval), but yet, they keep providing these awkward gems anyway – in ultra public places no less! That said, following the crooked path of his predecessors above, this guy pops the question on television and hits the same wall. Ouch!

If you’re planning on popping that question in the near future, make sure you’re not the next awkward marriage proposal on YouTube. Arm yourself with SweatBlock and make sure your confidence is up to par.