As you know, last year we did a post on the sweatiest moments in all of March Madness so, because it went so well, we’ve decided to do one every year. Of course, because we’ve already recounted the all-time greatest moments, here is a year in review – the 10 sweatiest moments from the 2012-2013 college basketball season. Enjoy!

1. Dellavedova Dagger:

When Tyler Haws, the star shooting guard for the BYU Cougars, hit the floater in the lane to go up 69-67, the entire home crowd arena was certain that the game had been sealed. Of course, someone should have told St. Mary’s guard Matthew Dellavedova because with only 2.5 seconds remaining, he weaved and heaved a half-court swish – putting St. Mary’s up by one and rendering Cougar fans everywhere utterly speechless.

2. Catastrophe in Kansas:

With just two winning seasons over the last decade and winless in conference play (at the time), the TCU Horned Frogs are not the most reputable team. Kansas, however, has not suffered back-to-back losses in over 260 games, dating back to the 2005-2006 season. That said, Kansas (the nation’s number 5 team at the time) was a 24-point favorite when they were suddenly surprised by a tenacious bunch of frogs and suffered an embarrassingly sweaty loss of 62-55.

3. Butler Beats Indiana:

Despite the fact that the Indiana Hoosiers were ranked number one in the nation, the unranked Butler Bulldogs somehow managed to force overtime (and a sweaty final few seconds). Yes, tied at 86, with just seven seconds left, Butler walk-on sophomore, Alexander Barlow, drove the lane, spun, scooped and got a kind bounce to put his team up by two, with just about two seconds left. Unfortunately, the Hoosiers didn’t have a Dellavedova on their side and the top team in the nation fell in one sweaty swoop.

4. Gonzaga Meltdown:

Up by a point, with possession and a mere 3.5 seconds on the clock, it wasn’t going to take much for Gonzaga to hold onto their lead on the road, however, as illustrated above, the Butler Bulldogs have a certain knack for crushing hopes. In an ultra sweaty moment of nerves and adrenaline, Butler’s Roosevelt Jones stole the Gonzaga inbound pass and nailed a buzzer-beating floater to give the home team a 64-63 win and a big time, rush-the-court celebration.

5. Wisconsin for the Win:

With their number three ranking on the line and tied at 57, Michigan caused Wisconsin fans to perspire as they hit a big three-pointer with just 2.4 seconds left, a shot that would seemingly seal the deal. On the contrary, Michigan fans found themselves in a sweaty situation when Wisconsin’s Ben Brust responded by hitting a half-court shot to force overtime and create an opportunity for the Badgers to eventually dethrone the Wolverines.

6. Commodore Comeback:

Although the February 27th face-off between SEC teams Georgia and Vanderbilt also ended in a last-second buzzer beater, it was the moments leading up to that pinnacle moment that were truly the sweatiest. With a 17-point lead over Vanderbilt at one point, the Georgia squad must have been sweating bullets as they watched their margin dwindle to within two and they must have sweated buckets when Kevin Bright hit an off-balance fadeaway jumper (with just 0.6 seconds left) to give Vanderbilt an amazing comeback win of 63-62.

7. Why Georgia, Why?

Speaking of Georgia watching their opportunities pass them by, with the game tied at 58 and a final possession to seal their own fate, this unlucky Georgia guard is stripped of the ball in the lane … only to turn around and watch the lucky Trevor Releford of Alabama hit a half court buzzer-beater, winning the game for the Tide, 61-58. Definitely a sweaty situation!

8. Old Dominion, New Dominance:

With nearly inverted win-loss records at the time (Old Dominion 1-10, Virginia 9-2), Old Dominion was the worst team in their already weak Colonial Athletic Association and the Virginia Cavaliers were favored by a confident 14 points. Of course, within sports, we know anything can happen … unfortunately, for Virginia, it did happen to them as Old Dominion tested the Vegas spread and posted a 63-61 victory.


As the last upset of the bunch, one of greatest NCAA basketball programs in the nation, UCLA (number 11 at the time), was put into a sweaty situation when they found themselves up against a wall while facing a resilient Cal Poly program. Favored by nearly 20 points, the Bruins led 51-33 with 12:21 remaining, however, despite the fact they were playing at home; they made just four more field goals in that game and thus suffered an embarrassing 70-68 loss to the visiting Cal Poly Mustangs.

10. A Brawl in South Bend:

Last but not least, it’s not a buzzer beater nor is it a major upset, but it’s a sweaty situation all its own – a brawl of bad blood. With Notre Dame leading St Johns by 26 points and only a minute and a half remaining, things got chippy between the two teams when a flagrant foul led to perhaps the most heated altercations of the 2012-2013 season. There’s a lot of pushing in the game of basketball but rarely does it actually go to blows – this gets sweaty!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of sweatiest moments in the 2012-2013 NCAA basketball season. Of course, with March Madness upon us, there’s sure to be plenty more nail biting moments to come.