It’s easy to find a gift for your teen these days with endless new gadgets, fashion fads, and But finding a unique gift that is useful, memorable, and doesn’t break the bank is a little bit harder to find. Here is a list of some of our favorite unique gifts and stocking stuffers that may not be on your teens wish list, but could have your teen thanking you long after their new designer jeans go out of style.

1. STANCE SOCKS ($6-$20)

“Shame on Stance for making me care about socks!”

Stance Socks
These might be the loudest, most expensive socks you’ve ever laid eyes on, but they’re worth every penny. Sure, you could buy your teen a discount brick of Hanes or Fruity Tootie socks that feel slightly better than a set of sandpaper slippers. Or, you could really make their holiday by giving them a stylish pair of Stance socks. What makes these socks worth giving? Not only are they made of ultra comfortable material that will make your teen’s feet happy, but they come in every color and pattern to match any personality type. The sock designs feature everything from NFL All-Stars to scenic palm trees. This is one unique gift your teen will love. You can grab a pair at or spend a little less and pick some up over at

2. HAMMOCK ($17-$50)

“My daughter is absolutely in love with this.”

Hammocks have been around since the days of Columbus, but more recently they have made a big comeback. Technology has made them lightweight, easy to pack, heavy duty, and comfortable. Not to mention they are easy to set up anywhere – on the beach, in the backyard, at a park, in the woods, on the front porch, you name it. Your teen will love being able to ‘mock around with their friends anywhere, anytime. One mom said her teen bought one for herself because she loves to take them to sporting events in order to lounge around with friends. Hammocks are the

3. SCRATCH MAPS ($18-$50)

“This was a gift for my son who loves to travel. The poster went up immediately and he is marking off places he has been. He loves it.” – Kathy G.

scratch map
If your teen loves to travel, a scratch-off-where-you’ve-been map displays their past adventures in a “dynamic and eye-catching way.” This is the ultimate record for your teen’s travels by revealing vibrant colored countries underneath a removable top print one satisfying scratch at a time. Scratch maps are the perfect gift for the globe-trotting teen in your life. Lucky for you, one of the most popular scratch maps is just under $50. Grab it here.

4. NAIL CLIPPER SET ($7-$15)

“I’m giving sets to my kids for Christmas… instead of iPads!”

nail clipper set
Never underestimate the power of good nail clippers. Making a good impression is important for most teens; Starting school, meeting new people, dating, and interviewing for jobs are just a few places where a set of dirt-filled fingernails might derail an otherwise great encounter. Clipping ones’ nails is low-hanging fruit for making a good impression. Unfortunately, when a teen is faced with the choice of buying video games or investing in a pair of reliable nail clippers, the clippers lose EVERY time. That’s where you come in. Save a teen from a potentially embarrassing situation (and a host of diseases that might be hiding under those uncut nails) and grab them a set of nail clippers they’ll use ’til they’re 80. We recommend this set, it’s got everything you need for fingers and toes 😉


“Bought this for my basement dwelling daughter to help her keep warm on those long nights… She LOVES IT!”

Down Comforter
I know what you’re thinking at this point, “Seriously? Socks, nail clippers and now a blanket!?” The best gifts are not the ones that are the most expensive or the most popular. Blankets are special. Starting from that glorious day of our first breath we’re wrapped in a soft, warm blanket. Most of us carried one around until we were 5 or 6 years old. I still remember the blanket I had throughout middle school and high school, it was awesome. I’d pay a handsome fee to find that thing again. Wanna make a lasting impact on your teen? Get them a soft, warm blanket. Every time they bundle up for a good movie, wrap up for a long night of video games, or snuggle with that special someone, they’ll think of you. To save you some time, we’ve found some great blankets for under $50. You can’t go wrong with this super soft, 5-star blanket. Or, for something a bit warmer, check out one of the highest rated down comforters on Amazon.


“My mom got me SweatBlock a couple of years ago because she knows I’ve always had sweating issues. It’s seriously one of the best gifts she’s ever given me!”

SweatBlock Antiperspirant
Not an obvious choice, but it ticks all the right boxes: affordable, unique, useful, and “life-changing”. If you’ve got a sweaty teen, SweatBlock could be that perfect gift. SweatBlock is a one-of-a-kind antiperspirant that stops excessive and embarrassing sweat for up to 7 days per use. It’s not your Dads antiperspirant, this stuff can stop even the most stubborn sweat. High school and college are hard enough without having to deal with the teasing, jeering, and embarrassment that accompany sweaty underarms and pit stains. For a teen who struggles with excessive sweat or nervous sweat, SweatBlock is “game-changing.” So, hit a “home run” with your teen this holiday and snag a box of sweat-stopping confidence from SweatBlock.


“A gift for our daughter. She frequently misplaces her keys. She says that this is one of the best presents she has ever received!”

Tile App Key Finder
Do you have a teen that is constantly losing their phone or keys? Amazon’s description of Tile Mate says it easily loops onto keychains or attaches to anything you don’t want to lose so you can find it fast (phones, keys, cameras, backpacks). Ring your things. Use your smartphone to make your Tile Mate ring when it’s nearby but out of sight. Not only can it find your things, but it can also find your phone. This little gadget will save your teen a lot of headaches.


“Perfect gift for those just starting to make their own money.”

teen reading finance book
Every teen needs to learn about finances. Finding the right book that teaches what they need to know in an interesting way is the tricky part. We know this is not something your teen will get excited about when they unwrap it, but it’s something that will have a lasting impact. If every American read Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover”, credit card companies would go out of business.

Dave’s book is fantastic, but here are some other books to get your teen excited about being a financially responsible:

9. PICK PUNCH ($20-$25)

“The coolest Christmas present this year!”

Pick Punch
Do you have a guitar playing teen on your gifting list? This Pick Punch is a unique alternative to a gifting a regular old guitar pick. Your teen will never have to be pickless again. With this, your teen can create custom guitar picks using household items like old credit cards, Cds, and old ID cards. With over 1,200 reviews raving about the uniqueness and practicality of this gift, you can’t go wrong. One reviewer said she gave it to her brother who travels a lot and uses the Pick Punch to make mementos out of old hotel key cards. The possibilities are endless with this one.


“Ways to my heart: BUY me food, MAKE me food, BE food” – Any Teen, Every Teen

Restaurant Gift Card
Every teen could use a gift card to one of their favorite fast food stops – especially college students. There is nothing better than a good meal you didn’t have to pay for when you are a starving college student or a busy high schooler. Here’s some of the most popular gift cards available on

You can’t go wrong with stuffing one of these delicious gifts in your teens stocking this Christmas or in a card for their next birthday.