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Sweat Block is a seasoned expert on sweat, why it happens, and how to stop it when it gets out of hand. Primarily covering topics around hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating and nervous sweating.

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Which Singers, Performers and Actors Sweat The Most?

It’s no secret that sweating is somewhat synonymous with big stage appearances, but there are some performers that go above and beyond the norm. Below is a list of 9 perspiring performers and sweaty singers that have multiple talents; entertaining the masses and sweating profusely while doing so. Robin Williams Considering he always has a […]

Famous Pieces of Sweaty Clothing

It’s rarely a proud moment when we’re caught dripping with perspiration and soaking through our clothes in a sweaty mess of excessive sweating but it’s always more forgivable when it’s a professional athlete, entertainer or Hollywood superstar doing what they do best. Below is a list of celebrities that have left behind a sweat-stained article […]