About SweatBlock

Why we do it?

We know what it feels like when sweat ruins the moment, the mood, the wardrobe, and the self-confidence.

We know what it’s like to search high and low for a solution to stop sweat, only to be disappointed time and again.

That’s why we love what we do so much…

Nearly everyday, our customers tell us how “relieved” they are because they “finally found something that will stop their sweat…”

…something that helps eliminate embarrassment when they socialize

…something that allows them to wear the clothes they’ve avoided because of sweat

…something that lets them enjoy life’s most important moments…

…something that helps them to just feel… well… normal

So, do we love what we do? Absolutely.

SweatBlock was born over a decade ago when Scott Steffensen, a renowned Ph.D. and professor, struggled to find a solution for his own sweat problem. Taking matters into his own hands, he developed the SweatBlock formula. It worked amazingly well. So, he decided to share it with the world.

Today SweatBlock has helped tens-of-thousands of people solve their excessive perspiration problems (check out the testimonials) and has become the number #1 Antiperspirant sold online (hate to brag, but… ).

With an estimated 26 million days of dry delivered to our customers, we like to think that nearly 1 billion moments of embarrassment have been avoided because of SweatBlock.

SweatBlock is 100% made in America and USFDA compliant.

Based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, our small business is located in Highland, Utah.

If we haven’t convinced you yet that we’re NOT a fly-by-night, out-to-make-a-quick-buck, type company, feel free to call or text 801-796-2566 to connect with a real person (weekdays between 9am-5pm mountain time of course). You can ask us anything. Horoscopes anyone?

Sweat Less. Live More.
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