Put an end to unsightly sweaty armpits… regardless of situation or temperature.

Sweat happens. But, it shouldn’t be a bad thing. Unfortunately there are some that just seem to sweat a little more than others. Sometimes it’s nerves. Sometimes it’s heat and humidity. Sometimes it’s even a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. No matter the cause, it is always a bad thing when sweat soaks your underarms to the point that it draws the eye and attention of those you work and socialize with.

Thankfully it’s never been easier to “slow the flow” and put an end to those sweat tacos. The upside is confidence and comfort, something that cannot be undervalued during life’s most important moments. You’ve likely been using an antiperspirant/deodorant for as long as you can remember. So why aren’t you staying dry? Here are 5 secrets to getting the most out of your antiperspirant so you can stay dry and confident no matter what:

Secret #1: Nighttime is sweat “fight time”

Night Time SweatingIt is a little know fact that nighttime application (right before going to bed) is the most effective way to apply an antiperspirant. Why? Because the longer the active ingredients in your antiperspirant have to do their magic, the more effective they will be in stopping excessive perspiration. The key here is that typically at night, you and your sweat glands are less active. It’s the perfect window of opportunity to put up the good fight against your underarm sweat glands. Applying at night seems foreign, I know. Check out secrets 2 and 3 for more clarification.

Secret #2: Clean is Key

When you apply your antiperspirant, make sure your underarms are clean and dry. Your underarm needs to be free of any residue from previous deodorant/antiperspirant use as well as any bacteria. Since nighttime application is best, this typically means you’ll need to shower or wash the underarm with soap and water before applying. Antiperspirants need to make contact with the sweat glands in your skin. This can sometimes be problematic if there is a small forest of hair getting in the way. Which leads to secret #3…

Secret #3: Trim it to win it

If you have thick underarm hair, this could be one of the reasons you’ve had trouble stopping underarm sweat so far. It doesn’t matter if you are using “normal” antiperspirant or “uber-strong-and-effective-clinical-strength” antiperspirants, you have to make sure that the the antiperspirant gets solid skin contact (see secret #2 above). Fair warning: DON’T APPLY ANTIPERSPIRANT RIGHT AFTER SHAVING, unless you’re a big fan of lobster red, flaming, pits. You should always wait 24 hours to apply after shaving to reduce irritation.

Secret #4: Use the right antiperspirant

You’ve seen the vast array of antiperspirants available. You could run the 40 yard dash in the antiperspirant aisle at Walmart and still have distance for a cool down jog. Picking the right one is the trick. Which one will keep you dry – no matter the circumstance? Which one will let you wear those light-colored shirts without sweat showing through? Which one will provide the longest protection? Which one won’t leave a chalky mess on your shirt or blouse? Which one won’t cause your shirts to yellow and stain? Well, if you want the best-selling, most reviewed antiperspirant on the web, you have to check out SweatBlock. It’s a time-tested, doctor-recommended antiperspirant that is guaranteed to reduce your underarm sweating…or you don’t pay. It’s unique “towelette” application method and trade secret formula combine to deliver the dry underarms and confidence we’re all looking for.

Secret #5: Apply antiperspirant consistently for best results

Sometimes people don’t see a dramatic reduction in sweating after their first antiperspirant usage. This is fairly common. Try applying for 3-4 nights consecutively until results are achieved. Then apply as needed. With SweatBlock, customers report an average of about 6.5 days of dry per usage. That means you could apply an antiperspirant only once a week and get amazing results. I always recommend using a deodorant (not antiperspirant) for daily freshness.
You don’t have to pay a fortune to get control of your underarm sweating (surgeries, injections, etc). SweatBlock makes it easy and affordable. People all over the world are ditching those chalky, shirt-yellowing antiperspirants and switching to a “wear anything confidently” lifestyle with SweatBlock. With over 4 million doses sold and billions of embarrassing moments avoided, SweatBlock is guaranteed to keep you dry or you don’t pay. It’s that simple.



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