How to Get Rid of Embarrassing Sweat Stains


If you are a SweatBlock convert and want to save some stained shirts from your past antiperspirant days, or just someone who wants to get rid of their sweat stains while still using your favorite antiperspirant, this article is for you.

Here is an important fact that most people don’t know – a lot of sweat stains don’t come from perspiration. According to Mike Thomas of Proctor & Gamble, the biggest culprits of the dreaded armpit stain are the antiperspirants that are found in roll-on or gel forms because they are absorbed into your clothing more easily.

Thomas suggested two preventative measures to make those sweat stains less common:

1 – Use Antiperspirant

Apply a thin layer of antiperspirant to your underarms and let it dry before you put on your shirt.

2 – Don’t Use Too Much Antiperspirant

Remember that a little antiperspirant goes a long way, so don’t slather it under your arms like butter. But, even these preventative measures won’t necessarily be a sure fix in defeating those sweat stains. Here are some tips to get rid of embarrassing sweat stains so you can feel confident wearing white (or any other color for that matter).

Here’s some tips for getting rid of those embarrassing yellow sweat stains:

Cold Water

The number one simplest solution in removing sweat stains is cold water. Once you’ve noticed the stain on your shirt, quickly run it through cold water while rubbing the fabric together, removing as much as the stain as possible. The cold water washes away the acidity from the antiperspirant and keeps your shirts stain free. Running cold water on your shirts before you even notice a stain is a good preventative measure and will save you from more aggressive measures later. Here’s another piece of news: putting your stained shirts through the washer and dryer cycle can actually “set” the stain and make it even harder to remove. Use cold water first, then wash your shirts with like colors.


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Hydrogen Peroxide

This treatment should only be used for your white shirts. You can usually find Hydrogen Peroxide at your local grocery store for a very small price. Just put a couple of teaspoons of 3% solution on the spot, rub it, let it sit (for about 30 minutes), and then wash it with other whites.


Vinegar is a household item that can be used safely on whites and colors. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar with half a cup of water to clean those nasty stains from your clothes. Let the fabric sit for 20-30 minutes in the solution before putting in the washing machine on a cool water cycle.


Here’s another easy home remedy that can get rid of sweaty stains. All you have to do is make a paste with a couple of ground aspirin and a small bit of water. Rub the paste into your armpit stains and let sit for an hour or so. Before putting in the wash, make sure you have rinsed out the paste completely with cold water.

You may be asking, can’t I just use Clorox bleach? Well, yes you can. But bleach has been known to make stains worse, so I wouldn’t suggest it. Other alternatives to the above methods include OxiClean and stain removers. Just remember, the more aggressive the method, the more chance of ruining the fabric. Try some easy home remedies before you turn to bleach and stain removers. We’re happy to say that SweatBlock does not contribute to the sweat stain epidemic and our customers have thanked us for saving their favorite shirts. If your looking for a new antiperspirant, give SweatBlock a try and lose the stains before they even have the chance to make an appearance.