Foods that Make you Sweat

Believe it or not, what you eat can often contribute to how much you sweat and even how you smell. Some foods increase your sweating and others can help reduce the amount of sweat your body produces. If you suffer from Hyperhidrosis or excessive underarm sweating, you can reduce your sweating by avoiding or limiting foods that make you sweat.

What are those foods? Don’t sweat it! We’ve provided a list below:

1. Fatty & Processed Foods

Fast food, chocolate, white bread, and other processed foods can make you sweat big time. Why? Your body has to work double time to process these foods. Just as exercise makes you sweat, digesting these processed foods will make you sweat too. Avoid these foods and you can avoid some serious sweating.

2. Excess Sodium (Salt)

Eating too much salt can turn you into a super sweater. Why? Well, when you consume large amounts of salt, your body will sweat to get rid of the excess sodium. The average American consumes about 12 grams of salt daily, but the recommended amount is 4 grams per day. So cut down your salt and you’ll cut down your sweat.

3. High fat Milk

High fat milk is another food that can make you perspire. Just replace that 2% or whole milk with some low fat or skim to reduce your body’s sweat output.

4. Spicy Foods

This one is obvious, but when you bite into some hot wings or indulge in a flaming bowl of Jalapeno chili, you’re asking for a visit from the sweat monster. Your body actually reacts to spicy foods the same way it reacts to a scorching hot day; it does whatever it can to cool down and that includes sweating. So, you may as well stand in a sauna if you’re going to eat those spicy chili cheese fries.

5. Coffee

The best part of waking up, is sweat stains on your shirt…
Yes, unfortunately that espresso is going to get you wet. Why? Two reasons: First, it’s hot and heat makes you sweat. Second, coffee contains a well-known stimulant called Caffeine. Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, which activates your sweat glands. Bottom line… the more coffee you drink the more you’ll sweat.

6. Alcohol

If you’re a heavy drinker, you’re probably a heavy sweater. Alcohol often has the affect of widening the blood vessels in your skin. This leads to increased body heat and as a result your body perspires. You + Alcohol = Sweaty.

7. Onions & Garlic

Okay, so onions and garlic may not increase your body’s sweat production, but they do have the nasty habit of contributing to the foul smell of your sweat… and your breath.

8. Smoking

Although not a food, cigarette smoke does enter your body. If lung cancer and Emphysema don’t scare you, maybe excessive sweating will… The Nicotine in cigarettes causes your body to release acetylcholine, which stimulates your sweat glands. It also raises heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. So put out that cigarette and save your shirt from those embarrassing sweaty pit stains.

If you’re looking to stop excessive underarm sweating, but you are not willing to give up the above foods, you can always try SweatBlock. SweatBlock is the most effective antiperspirant for stopping sweat and keeping you confidently dry.