10 Myths about Sweating You Thought Were True But Aren’t


Myth #1: Sweating is Bad

Sweating may be bad for your social life and you may even think it’s the culprit for those big yellow stains in your shirts. But sweating, at least normal sweating, is good. It’s your built in Air Conditioning system. When your body gets too hot, you sweat. It’s also healthy to sweat in emotional situations, but not too much.

Myth #2: Excessive Sweating is Good

Unless you’re working out, sweating excessively is not good and definitely not normal. Sweating excessively isn’t helping you lose more weight, release more toxins, or impress the opposite sex. Some people go through most of their lives thinking that excessive sweating is somehow normal, but it’s not. A clinical strength antiperspirant may the safest and most effective solution for excessive sweating.

Myth #3: Sweat Stains are Caused by Sweat

Another common belief about sweat is that it causes those nasty yellow “sweat stains” in your shirts. Nope. The more likely villain ruining your favorite shirts is the off-the-shelf antiperspirants you’ve been using daily. Roll-on and gel antiperspirants are more easily absorbed into fabric causing most of the unsightly sweat stains. Find an antiperspirant that doesn’t stain or wait until your antiperspirant dries out before putting your shirt on.

Myth #4: Sweat Smells Bad

This seems like a logical fact, right? Wrong. Sweat doesn’t actually have an odor because the sweat from your body is 99% water and 1% salt and other protein and fat-based metabolites. The stench that is so unappealing is a by-product of sweat mixing with the bacteria that lives on the surface of the skin.

Myth #5: You Can Sweat Out Toxins

Nope. Not true. Sweating is your body’s way of cooling down and dealing with stressful situations. It is not your external second liver. Your liver is the organ your body uses to detoxify, not your sweat glands. Sweat is made up of water, salt and protein… no toxins.

Myth #6: You Can Lose Weight By Sweating

Ya we’ve all lost a few pounds in the sauna, the steam room or or during a vigorous workout, but take a big drink afterwards and all that weight returns. The only weight lost during a sweaty exercise or extreme heat is water, not fat.

Myth #7: The More You Sweat the Better Your Workout

Yes, sweating can indicate you did a workout. But sweating isn’t a good measure of how effective your workout was. If you sweat more during exercise, it probably just means you have more sweat glands. If you want a good indicator of how effective your workouts are, measure your heart rate or the amount of calories burned.

Myth #8: Antiperspirants Are Dangerous

Another widely spread myth is that Antiperspirants cause cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. But… the American Cancer Society, the Alzheimer’s Association and many other reputable studies say otherwise.

Myth #9: Deodorant Can Stop Sweat

Others make the mistake of thinking that their sweet smelling deodorant stops sweat too. Nope. The smell and maybe some unwanted stains in your shirt are all you’re getting from your deodorant. If you want to stop sweat, you’ll need an antiperspirant or something more drastic like Botox or surgery.

Myth #10: Baby Powder Can Stop Sweating

Some may think that a natural remedy for excessive underarm sweating like baby powder can reduce the amount of sweat, but in reality, using baby powder under your arms is more of a hassle than an effective tool. Applying baby powder is pretty messy, and once the powder gets wet it can ruin your clothes.